February 2023 Celebration of God’s Moving Us Forward


Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the people of the world revere him.  For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.  The Lord foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.  But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.  –Psalms 33: 8-11

Entering February we have special reasons to celebrate God’s moving HIS PLANS and HIS PURPOSES forward!

IN RURAL CHILE we’ve been praying for an opportunity to purchase our own excavator instead of having to rent one at a very high cost.  We had mentioned a rental cost of $5,000 for two machines for two weeks in December, but that cost was for each machine.  Thus we paid $10,000 for both machines, including the operators, fuel, oil, and transport.  Rodolfo was the operator of one of the two machines, and Abraham was quite pleased not only with the way he worked, but also with his humble character.  Rodolfo has grown up learning to operate and maintain excavators from his father, who has much experience in this line of work.

cleared land        new excavator

GIVING GOD THANKS!!  In mid-January we started pursuing the purchase of our own excavator, trying to use the Chevy 4×4 pickup that we’ve been trying to sell as a trade-in.  We know zilch about excavators, so Abraham and Rodolfo hit the countryside to find a good machine. We finally have succeeded and are giving God our thanks!  We will also now employ Rodolfo beginning this month of February and he will service and ready the machine for use.  We will be able to rent out the excavator to others, who will pay rental costs as we did.  This will help us cover our own costs for the large amount of work needing to be completed on our own property.  Above is a photo of part of the land we cleared in December, along with a photo of our new, used excavator.  From left to right we are Abraham, Rodolfo, and Jack.

We firstly thank God for his faithfulness in continuing the transformation of our land into a camp & retreat center!!  We secondly thank you as well for your faithful prayers!    We are looking for individual donors to help offset our recent and upcoming larger costs, and we would invite them to contact us through our email chilemission1@gmail.com and also become more familiar with our ministry via our website www.chilemission.org

3-year-old Abril in the picture below is welcoming the 2020 Toyota pickup to its new home in “the campo”.  For those of you who are thinking Beverly Hillbillies, we don’t blame you. J  Also below is a photo of Mark from AZ who came to Chile for 2 ½ weeks in January to help clear trees and do other things.  He is standing with Catalina, Abraham, and Abril.  To prepare for his trip he studied Spanish prior to coming and we were blessed with his help.  As we mentioned in our January letter, we are inviting individuals and churches to come and “lend a hand” anytime.  Our Chilean rainy winter is from the end of May to early Sept., so perhaps the end of the year or the beginning of next year will be better.  Start planning!

The Toyota pickup now at home and ready to go    Mark w Abraham family

Church group of 20GIVING GOD MORE THANKS!!  A group of 20 young adults and others arrived from a Chilean Santiago church to the camp property on Jan. 30 to spend one week helping on the land in different ways.  Seen here, they arrived with much enthusiasm!  They mark our very first church to arrive for a one-week helping/spiritual retreat!  TYL!!  This marks another significant reason to celebrate God’s faithful provision and answer to prayer.  Abraham has finished the new bedroom complete with a bunk bed and second bathroom, and even though the group of 20 will be camping in tents, the added bathroom and space will be very helpful for workers and visitors.  There is a private entrance so Abraham’s family don’t have constant visitors traipsing through their house!  Thank you so much for praying for these matters with us!

In the meantime the surveyor continues working on his final drawing of the northern lots of our land.


One of our main goals while here these few months was to make contact with Pro Bono, a Chilean Foundation of lawyers who help Foundations such as ours with legal matters, to see how they might help us get registered with the national government and also obtain our certificate to receive donations from both within and outside of Chile.  We, Abraham, & Julián had a Zoom visual meeting with them and we just received word that they will help us.  That was great news, and we hope to be able to sign any needed documents before mid-March when we return to the States.  TYL!! and thank you for your prayers!

 Regarding those that have stayed and are staying at our Santiago Casa de Acogida  (Refuge House) for medical treatments in their families:

  • we have not received an update on Dominíc this month.
  • Baby Matías was moved to a hospital near his home in Rancagua. The good news is that he continues to gain weight as he puts his CMV virus behind him.
  • Dina is in rehab and is doing great after her hip replacement. We’re not sure how much longer she’ll be with us before going home—she has been here about three months.
  • Rocio also continues to recuperate at home after surgery here to correct her scoliosis.
  • A new small child, Roberto (almost 2-years-old) is here in Santiago to treat severe burns caused by his reaching and pulling down boiling water on himself, burning the whole left side of his body.  His progress is slow but sure and his mother, Valeria, stays with him in the hospital, while his father, Roberto, stays in one of our houses. The three of them are pictured here below in Roberto’s hospital room.  What a blessing to be a support for them, both in prayer and otherwise!

Roberto 1

WE ALSO GIVE GOD THANKS FOR THE UPCOMING ONE-WEEK VISIT OF A GROUP OF SIX YOUNG WOMEN IN FEBRUARY!!  They are from the States and are participating in a Latin American ministry summer program for women known as “Ultra”.  During this South American summer they are visiting and helping ministries such as ours in several Latin countries and we’re excited to be able to host them!  They’re due to arrive on Feb. 9th and leave on Feb. 18th and their time will be split between our work in Santiago and on the rural camp property.  Please pray for their coming and going and time with us.

Lastly we have one more prayer request for you….

janine's broken wristJanine was walking on an uneven cement sidewalk in La Cisterna yesterday, January 30th, and she fell, breaking her left wrist.  It was casted yesterday but the scan of the break showed bone fragments and incomplete alignment after manhandling her bone back into place.  She is due to go back to the hospital this Thursday, February 2nd, for surgery and is expecting to stay in the hospital for one or two nights.  The doctors aren’t entirely sure if they’ll operate on Thursday or on Friday—you never know for sure in Chilean public hospitals. 🙂 In spite of everything, she is in good spirits and is not experiencing much pain, even though her temporary plaster cast is pretty heavy.  Thank you Lord for always being with her and with all your children!

Praising, praying, and fasting in our “ETERNAL PLANS and PURPOSES” ONE, TRUE GOD,

Jack & Janine

3 thoughts on “February 2023 Celebration of God’s Moving Us Forward

  1. Hi Jack & Janine. Glad to hear about the earth moving equipment for the job. It will sure help moving things along quicker. Was so sorry to hear about Janine’s fall. Praying the surgery goes well & heals quickly . The cast is huge! I’ll be playing for the young women coming who are participating in the Ulta organization also. Prayers & concern for all of you in this work. Carolyn Roettgers

  2. Always look forward to receiving the monthly news and sharing highlights and photos from it on the Community Christian Church facebook page. We are keeping the suggested issues in prayer.

  3. Janine – we may not be able to come and hold your good hand while you are recuperating but we have been holding it in prayer. May God bless you and heal you. Twyla

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