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August 2022 Praises & Prayer Needs


The temple was completed on the third day of the month Adar, in the sixth year of the reign of King Darius.  –Ezra 6:15

So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth of Elul, in fifty-two days.  –Nehemiah 6:15

Monumental tasks faced both Ezra and Nehemiah in the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem and the city’s walls as the tribes of Judah and Benjamin returned from exile!  Their enemies scoffed and threatened them and the Israelites themselves were daunted and overwhelmed at the size of the project before they even began.  Years later, in measuring the overwhelming odds against overcoming apartheid racial discrimination in South Africa, Desmund Tutu summed up the size of the challenge facing the people of South Africa this way: “There is only one way to eat an elephant… a bite at a time.”

Similarly, we now look to how GOD HIMSELF will approach the development of HIS camp in the middle of Chile through us all (as only HE is capable of :).  The glory will come in terms of Chilean children, youth, and adults coming to know and follow Jesus Christ.  Just as it was for the above men of God, the size of our own impending project is overwhelming to us, were it not for God’s hand!  THE LORD’S eternal plans and purposes are in motion in Chile, which means that Chile Mission too will see its camp developed and launched, one step and stage at a time.  Thank you once again for your prayers and Kingdom partnership in Chile!

We were so blessed in our June and July travel with Abraham, Catalina, & 3-year-old Abril to Christian camps in the States.  All in all, we traveled more than 3,500 miles were able to visit 16 separate camps over the two months.  We experienced no relational problems, no traffic accidents, and no sickness, on top of enjoying excellent weather along the way.  It was surprising on how well Abril handled all the traveling.  We concentrated on the camps’ infrastructures, experiences in digging lakes, and stages of development, in addition to safety guidelines, adult to child ratios, and approaches to social issues.  In short, we learned much, met many special people, and enjoyed super times with family, close friends, and churches.  We SO THANK YOU for your prayers that helped carry us forward and open doors all through the trip!

Here are additional photos taken during our trip.  Climbing walls and rope courses came in a variety of sizes and styles.  Also pictured are the stages of development of Sky Ranch in Tyler, Texas.

Sky Ranch climbing tower  Pineywoods tower  Appalacian climbing tower

Sky Ranch chronology1  Sky Ranch chronology2  Sky Ranch chronology3


At the Chile camp property Catalina’s mother and brother were able to stay there for much of these two months without incidents or problems (TYL!!), in spite of heavy winter rains that have rendered the public road outside of the camp property impassable from time to time.

Abraham, Cata, and Abril now fly back to Chile on August 1st, arriving in Santiago on August 2nd and then on to the camp property late in the day.  Please join us in giving thanks and in praying for their safe arrival.  They’ll also be going home to eight new German Shepherd puppies, born just recently—a surprise to be sure.

With God’s blessing, we return to Chile for one and one half months the first week of September.  We’ll have much to think through and plan with Abraham & Catalina at the camp property.  In the meantime, Abraham will have plenty to look at in light of much good advice received during our recent U.S. camp visits.

Dominic 2In Santiago all is well at the Chile Mission ministry site. New parents also continue to arrive and be blessed to stay on the property.  Now home in Chillan, Chile, Baby Dominíc, pictured here, continues with weekly in-home doctor visits, growing in spite of the on-going grave physical problems that he faces with his internal organs.  Thanks for continuing to pray for him and for his parents.  We praise and thank you, Lord!!

1a - Our family spring 1992We have one more photo to include.  It was taken of us in family 30 years ago this month as we prepared to leave for one year of language study in Costa Rica and then to Chile to begin serving the Lord there.  Jayme was newly 2, Julian 5, Jordan 8, and Jonathan 14.  While we are referred to as “missionaries”, it gives the Lord much praise that our family is one more extension in another country of his overall mission to bring ALL PEOPLES OF EVERY NATION back to himself through his son, Jesus.  Thus, in truth we ALL are his missionaries every place that we live!  Bless you all and thank you again for your on-going prayers and partnership with us and with Chile Mission!!

Praising, praying, fasting, to OUR “GOD” DIMENSIONS Lord & Savior JESUS!!

Jack & Janine