Opportunities to Come and be a part!

We are always looking for God to broaden our impact, working alongside of and equipping Chileans at the same time.  Our work is very challenging and very satisfying and we are intentional about our future.
Here below are areas of specific gifting and focus needing help.
  • TESOL:  We have sponsored a neighborhood “English Club” for several years and we are always open to receiving those with English-teaching skills who can help us make this tool the best that it can be.  We are always also looking for opportunities to establish relationships with English-teaching agencies in Santiago who might in turn have persons wanting to broaden their own outreaches while in Chile.
  • ONE OR MORE ADDITIONAL MISSIONARIES/COUPLES:  We are extremely grateful for our 26 years of service in Chile!  We also strongly believe that there are other Spanish-speaking missionaries that God would raise up and send to Santiago to be a part of the ministries and outreaches of Chile Mission.  Are you one?  Especially needed are missionaries who can equip and serve alongside Chileans and Chilean team members. 
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