The Chile Mission As a Whole



Sent out by the Church…. to reach people, and especially children, with the love of Jesus, that they might know and follow him too.

Different dimensions of our work:

  • Our “CASA DE ACOGIDA” (Refuge house) is a work with children and their families, who stay in houses built on the team’s property in urban La Cisterna, Santiago.  At present, the work involves housing and emotional & spiritual support for mothers of children coming to Santiago children’s hospitals from other parts of the country to receive long-term medical treatments.  These parents can stay on the ministry property as needed.

              Newborn Violeta with parents 

We are pictured here are Julián, Carolina, Esteban, and Abdías.  Carolina coordinates and carries out the work of the Casa de Acogida.  They as a family live on the mission property.

Santiago team

  • The other main work/ministry of Chile Mission is the development of a new Christian camp & retreat center in middle, rural Chile, roughly 5 1/2 hours south of Santiago.  The new camp will be aptly named “Campo Vivo”  (The Countryside Alive).

Bodeuca overview from hill

These and our other ministries can be read about in the Ministries section of this website.