Jack and Janine Swanson



Janine: Being “empty-nesters” has definitely brought about significant changes in our lives, as we are no longer responsible for the everyday lives of our four children.  We are able to devote ourselves to the ministry.  My personal interests lie with children’s issues – especially children with little or no hope.  The term used in English is “throwaway children.”  Thus for me, it has been very rewarding to see what God has done in the lives of the kids who participate with us– giving them personal value and hope.  Working “in team” with Chileans has also brought us many gratifications as well as challenges.  The cultural issues are challenging and “never-ending” as we always try to see our cultural differences through Christian eyes, not “gringo” eyes.  It’s definitely an ongoing adventure to live in a different culture!!

Jack: My burden is for the church and for lives needing restoration in the Lord.  I love what I do, and it is particularly gratifying to me to be part of others’ lives–equipping, encouraging, loving, healing, and being God’s touch upon them.  We strive to bring others to Jesus that they may know and follow him as we do.  Our work is extremely challenging and intense at times, but equally rewarding and satisfying, and to do what we do in partnership with Chileans only adds to both the challenge and the reward.  Together with them, we bring hope!

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