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October 2014 Prayer Letter

We so need and appreciate your prayers in all we do.  It is through prayer that Christians connect to God’s power and it is through his receiving and responding to our prayers, praise, and gratitude that he is glorified.  No wonder that he invites our prayers and thanksgiving.  What a complete package that makes, we with him and we together in completing his good plan and purposes.  We so thank you for your kingdom partnership!  We also give thanks for those of you who fast in some way as you pray for the extended work of the church in the world. As Paul wrote the church in Philippi, I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.  –Phil. 1:3-5

October petitions for prayer and praise

–Millarai is set for another round of chemo this month, leaving her with two more cycles of treatment to complete in November and December.  She’s been a real trooper this entire year through her surgery and treatments for bone cancer.  There is on-going concern as well for her continued low weight (roughly only sixty pounds).

–Developments in our work with abandoned children:

  • Firstly, we just signed a power of attorney allowing the law firm to sign any needed documentation in submitting our papers for final approval this first week of October. The coordinating attorney fully expects that we will be completely done and legal within one month.  That is a huge praise as we pray for the termination of what has been a long process for various reasons mainly having to do with internal problems within the law firm itself.  This means that going into 2015 we will be ready to proceed with 1) hiring a full-time director for the residence, 2) hiring house parents to begin receiving children, and 3) make necessary contacts to begin receiving abandoned children ideally between the ages of four and six years old.
  • The Peruvian couple did move from the mission property at the end of September. In assessing their characteristics, we believe that Jorge would not have provided the steady example needed in a “house” dad.
  • Our main prayer regarding the mission property during the time we are in the States from October 8th through the end of the year is for God’s watchfulness over the property and those staying at the property in our absence. We need someone to live at the property and take care of the dogs.

–Progress continues to be made toward the reality of a future children’s camp/Christian center near Concepción (six hours south of Santiago).  The owners of the land who are dedicating roughly sixteen acres of property for the purpose of developing and establishing a children’s camp/Christian center in the country met together with Janine and a Christian architect friend at the property in September to begin talking ideas, needs, and layout.  They also met together with the notary/attorney who will be helping with the legal aspects and details regarding the land’s use.  All of these steps take time and we ask for prayer that this significant project steadily continues in every way necessary going forward.

–Our impending trip to the U.S. begins with our arrival in Chicago on October 8th.  We spend less than two weeks in the Midwest and then head toward North and South Carolina churches, stopping for a couple days with our son, Jayme, and his wife Malia in Baltimore (whom we won’t see at Christmas time in CA).  The ICOM is in Columbus, Ohio, November 13-16 and our daughter Jordan is due with their third girl around November 21.  We are excited to be there for the birth to help their family with all the details!!  We highly encourage anyone possible to attend the ICOM.  It is an excellent missions event and worth the time of missions-oriented churches.

Praising, praying, and fasting in a Prayer-Partnering AND responding God,

Jack & Janine