June 2023 CHILE MISSION Praises & Prayer Needs


For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.  When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

The above verses taken from Psalm 139 beautifully describe God’s creation, plans, and intimate knowledge of every one of us.  Not only that, but if God knows the name of every single star (Psalm 147:2) and Jesus, our shepherd, calls each of us, his sheep, by name (John 10:3), what does that say about the value of each and every life he has created?

Every month we write you about lives hanging in the balance and about the work of Chile Mission with people and projects.  We insert photos so that you, too, can know those people—children, youth, and adults.  It’s our way of bringing to life your prayers in the same way that God already intimately knows them and their circumstances.  We SO appreciate your prayers for each person and situation we write about!!

Speaking of special people and opportunities, we ask for your prayers as we prepare for and spend from June 17th through to August 5th as the mission work highlighted this summer at Round Lake Christian Camp in northern Ohio.  It’s incredibly satisfying to broaden the “Jesus” worlds of children and bring alive the country of Chile.  The camp boasts a large lake and can host several groups of children and youth at one time.  Schedule-wise we will have daily time with each group 4 days each week.  Round Lake was one of the 16 separate camps that we visited with Abraham, Catalina, & Abril last June and July and, needless to say, we are extremely excited at what the Lord will do and say through us!

Looking ahead, we then travel to Chile for just over two weeks on August 10th, with lots of details to attend to in our short time there.  We’re very grateful that a friend familiar with large equipment and farming and the care of trees, etc. will be traveling with us there.  We are anticipating his good counsel for future plans and projects at Campo Vivo.  The work at the camp property is right down his alley!

We know that the following dates are WAY AHEAD OF TIME, but toward the end of the year, this year’s International Conference on Missions (ICOM) will be held in Oklahoma City, the weekend before Thanksgiving, Nov. 16-18.  Do you have close relatives or friends in nearby states to Oklahoma?  Why not make plans to go from the conference to spend thanksgiving with them??  The ICOM is totally worth it!


We have discovered in our 30 years in Chile that we are often called to work on projects that are God-sized, but are way way outside of our experiences.  This has proven true once again with the camp project that we are involved in.  Since we are both suburbanites, this is certainly outside our realm of thinking.  Planning crops for camp consumption, digging a lake, putting up fences, security against thievery, helping out out neighbors, taking care of fruit trees, planting avocado trees, preparing for and financing large future buildings, future personnal needs, levelling the deep ravines, etc., are complicated, necessary steps that we are currently facing.  This, along with everyday concerns, especially for Abraham and his family, is a constant need for ongoing prayer.  Abraham wears many hats—camp director in overseeing all of what transpires in the camp property, construction supervisor and planner, along with his ongoing call as pastor, teacher, and musician and using these gifts in his home, neighborhood and church visits.  He has a lot on his plate.

Luis new light pole    Luis shed 3

The photos are of Abraham with Luís and of his completed rebuilt storage building.  The rebuilt building and his restored electrical posts and wires reflect just one more way of God’s restoration of Luís’ life in the “boonies” in Chile, rebuilding his property lost in the terrible recent forest fires.  A US church provided special funding to provide the materials for this project.  It gets Luís back to the place he was in before the fire, so he can return to his daily tasks instead of trying to play catch-up.  He is not a Christian, so this generous gift is great for showing him the love of God.  God extends this kind of help every day through all of us sent out by his churches in the world.  VERY COOL!!

In other news from the camp, there is a small mission group of men based in Columbia interested in coming to the camp property for 1-2 weeks in June to help Abraham in his work.  We’re giving thanks and praying for their trip to come to pass.  God is again bringing Christians together to help each other.  Abraham is continuing to evaluate the best combination of security lights and cameras to install and also ready to replace 20 of the plates that make up the bottom treads that move the excavator.  Lastly, thanks for joining us in praying Catalina’s pregnancy forward.  All is well as she heads forward in her October delivery.


Bianca & parentsIf you’re familiar with our “Casa de Acogida” (Christian Refuge House) ministry carried out on our Santiago Chile Mission site, you know that we’ve seen our fair share of infants and little children with complicated medical situations and treatments come to Santiago with their parents.  These months of May and June are no exception with the arrival of baby Bianca, a 1 ½ year-old severely-burned girl, who came to a Santiago hospital the last week of May with her parents Datin and Lorena. She recently had three skin grafts.  It will be a long-term recovery for her.

We all know families facing serious medical situations.  They ALL need prayer and, when possible, calls or visits to their hospitals.  God is a master at touching those precious lives through ALL of us!!

Also in Santiago we have had another fruitful zoom meeting with the attorney helping our MISIÓN CHILE Foundation with important steps relating to both the board of our Chilean Mission Foundation and our certification to receive donations from all sources.  The procedures in Chile are quite different in relation to what we are familiar with the US.  We, Jack & Janine, are needing to rely more and more on our Chilean teammates to navigate the legal procedures involved with the foundation.  We are happy to have competent legal “pro bono” help to move ahead.  Thanks for praying with us for these steps.

In the U.S.

Our son, Jayme, injured his ACL of his right knee early in May playing soccer. The surgery was a success and Jack will be spending one week (May 31 to June 7) with Jayme, Malia, and their three kids helping where needed.  They live in Boulder, CO.  Thanks for praying for his good healing and for Jack’s trip.

Thanks again, too, for your prayers for the preparation and sale of our Indiana house.  We have made good progress in several needed areas, but will fall short of having the house ready to sell.  Instead we will rent it out for one year, planning to work on the sale when we are back from our three months in Chile.  All is well and TYL!!  As mentioned last month, we spend weekends visiting churches and friends and are SO grateful for the relationship we have with you all.

Praising, praying, fasting to GOD, the AUTHOR OF PRECIOUS LIVES,

Jack & Janine

May 2023 CHILE MISSION Praises & Prayer Needs


Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!   –Eph. 3:2021

HAPPY PENTECOST SUNDAY MONTH, everyone!!  Just before he was taken up into heaven Jesus told his disciples (Acts 1:5) to wait in Jerusalem where in a few days they would be “baptized with the Holy Spirit”.  That is exactly what happened on Pentecost Sunday, 10 days after Jesus’ ascension, on the 50th day beginning with Easter Sunday.  May we always remember that the same power of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and that baptized the disciples is the same Holy Spirit power that empowers us today!

He helps us pray (Eph. 6:18 and Rom. 8:26), his sword is God’s Word (Eph. 6:17) and his power is immeasurable.  We’re told to pray in the Spirit on all occasions” and we give you thanks for your prayers of us and for Chile Mission, as we also pray for you!!


As seen here, the rebuilding of Luís’ storage building for grains and equipment is beginning to take shape.  Planks and metal roofing purchased with a special donation from a U.S. church will soon cover the Eucalyptus poles serving as the framing.  Luís is also now fully recovered from being attacked by robbers in his home last month.  He is not a Christian, but Abraham continues to minister to him, epecially with the fire losses and his injuries.  Thank you for your prayers for him!

Luis shed 2    the Porton

With the help from men from his main church in nearby Cabrero Abraham has now completed the welding and installation of the new metal entrance gates for the two main entrances to our camp property.  Pictured above is one of the two entrances—much better than the barbed wire fencing that they replaced.  Other entrances have been blocked by tree trunks on the ground, as well as the open areas on the borders of our property. A security specialist is evaluating the placement of security cameras and motion lights.  Your prayers for all of these steps are MUCH appreciated.

In addition, Abraham will be concentrating in May on getting our excavator in full operating condition, as well as improving the fencing in certain parts of the camp property.


Jordan & with MatíasAmongst the families currently staying on our ministry site in Santiago are Jordan & Laura, with their little boy Matías.  You may remember seeing his name in our January 2023 Prayer letter.  Matías is back in Santiago for further exams and possible treatment.  He had a virus known as CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and is now 6 months old, but he continues to maintain the size and weight of a two-month old baby and still cannot hold his head up.  The virus is caught from the mother either before birth or afterwards and as you can imagine, his parents are greatly troubled.  It’s possible that the disease can cause various disabilities.  We appreciate your prayers on their behalf!

Regarding our MISIÓN CHILE Foundation we continue to be in contact with the attorneys helping us with important steps relating to both the board of our Chilean Mission Foundation and our certification to receive donations from all sources.  Thanks for praying with us.


Thanks again for your prayers for the preparation and sale of our Indiana house.  It is no small task as we first sort and prepare items to be either sent to California, be sold, donated, or be thrown out.  Taping, painting, and otherwise re-arranging aren’t far behind.

We spend weekends visiting churches and friends and are SO grateful for the relationship we have with you all.

Praising, praying, fasting to OUR ONE & ONLY “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION” GOD,

Jack & Janine

April 2023 CHILE MISSION Praises & Prayer Needs


But even if you should suffer for doing right, you are blessed.  “Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.  But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect…  –1 Peter 3:14-15

The above verses serve to SO encourage us Christians to ALWAYS let Jesus’ truth and light live in us, that one more person will also come to know, love, and follow him!  Who else has the power to heal broken relationships and heal sickness of every kind and restore lives with purpose and truth except our Self-Sacrificed Savior and Risen, Resurrection Sunday Lord??  It’s because of him that we GIVE YOU THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS for us and for Chile Mission, as we also continue to pray for all of you.


Much has happened since our March letter and your prayers are important and much appreciated.


Luis new light pole>>We have been blessed to receive two special donations to help Abraham purchase needed tools in rebuilding fencing and small buildings destroyed by the February forest fires.  The church in Santiago that sent 20 young people to help on our camp property just before the fires hit are now sending a small group of men in this rebuilding process.  Seen here, Abraham helped his good neighbor Luís restore his electricity with the purchase of a tall pole for his power line and they are ready to rebuild his tool and supplies building lost to the flames.

>>Tragically, just recently Luís was also attacked and robbed in his house.  As neighbors’ houses are separated by much distance from each other, when Abraham heard Luís’ yells and all the commotion it took ten minutes to arrive near the house about a half mile from our property.  Abraham arrived with two other men to Luís’ aid but the robbers got away, bashing in the side and rear of our pick-up truck in their escape.  Luís was badly beaten, but is slowly improving and Abraham will be purchasing and installing solid gates on the camp’s two main entrances, along with security lights and cameras.  He and Luís and our other close neighbors are also cooperating to increase communication measures between their houses.  We have for a long time prayed for the security of all nearby properties and for the safety of both Abraham & family and of our other neighbors and we greatly appreciate your prayers for the same!  As in many other countries, stealing is quite common in Chile in cities and in rural areas, and this last incident even more highlights the need for God’s light to shine through the development of the camp & retreat center.

Needless to say, Abraham & Catalina were pretty shaken by what happened to Luís, although Abraham’s strong faith and spiritual leadership of his family are helping in their recovery.  We and our other Santiago teammates have been in regular communication with them as well, praying with and comforting them.  In the middle of all of this we share with you that Catalina is newly pregnant, due in late October.  What a joy for them and for their little girl Abril, due to turn 4 years old in June!  Please join us in praying for her pregnancy and in giving thanks for this new life that God is adding to their family.

>>We also continue to pray for Abraham’s success in re-contacting Rodolfo, who remains incommunicado.  Whether he returns to work for us or not, we pray for his good going forward and for the health of his sick 3-year-old son Dylan.  In the meantime, Abraham’s good mechanic will do all needed maintenance on the excavator.


Dominic 1 yr Casa de Acogida (Refuge House) has seen several new persons come and go during the past month.  This in-house ministry continues to minister to peoples’ spiritual needs whenever possible.  One big praise we have is that the little boy Dominíc continues to grow and is almost one-year-old, in spite of the doctors’ expectation that he would not live nearly this long.  In light of Jesus’ own resurrection celebrated this month of April, we give God thanks for Dominíc’s life and we pray that his parents, Victor & Isabel, would be touched by God and drawn to him during this Easter season.  Dominíc is quite a handsome little boy!

In the U.S.

We recently returned from Chile and find ourselves in northwest Indiana at what has been our furlough house for almost 31 years.  We will work on selling it by the first part of June, at which time we will be heading to Round Lake Christian Camp not far from Canton, Ohio, where we are excited to be their missionaries “on campus” through to early August.  It’s always a thrill to interact with young children and teens in enlarging their worlds with the Lord, giving them the desire to learn about what God is doing in other countries to spread his love and relationship to children and teens.

Our Cedar Lake Indiana house is located on a Christian Conference Grounds and has truly been a blessing for us and our children as we periodically returned to the States on furlough.  They were able to study in English and have friends here too, but now we want to live near to some of our kids’ families when we aren’t in Chile, which is why we bought a house in California.  When in the Midwest to visit churches and friends we will make other living arrangements when the time comes.  Thanks much in advance for your prayers for God’s blessing the preparation and sale of our Indiana house!  It’s no small task. 🙂 🙂

Meanwhile, Janine’s wrist is healed but not fully functional.  She’s in no pain and is beginning occupational therapy exercises as she awaits possible surgery once we return to California.  Thank you for your on-going prayers for the complete healing of her wrist.

We wish you all a meaningful, special Holy Week and triumphant Easter celebration!

Praising, praying, fasting in CHRIST JESUS, the Reason for ALL HOPE in the world,

Jack & Janine

March 2023 CHILE MISSION Prayer Updates


20 Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. 21 Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.  –Eph. 3:20,21

There are many instances in the gospels where Jesus refers to things happening (including his own words and actions) to the glory of his Father.  What would give God more glory than to have one more child, youth, or adult in real relationship with him through his son Jesus??!!  As the above verses say, we must remember that we DO have the mighty power of God’s Holy Spirit at work within and through us and also that we ARE Jesus’ body, the Church.  THANK YOU, churches and individuals, for helping send us as missionaries to countries including Chile and THANK YOU for continuing to pray for us and for God’s working here to HIS glory!!  It’s a matter of life or death for every person!


Our Chile summer (Dec. 21 to March 21 🙂 has been hot and dry.  Much like California, this means the much higher possibility of forest fires in areas surrounded by woods and grassland, such as the area our land is located in.  The very end of January and most of February have seen many forest and grasslands burned and devastated by fire.  Much of our surrounding area was included, with five families losing their homes and many more losing their other outer buildings and feed for their animals, along with many, many acres of trees and land lost in general.  In our case, we lost the upper third of our land to fire, and thank you Lord this did not include the bottom two-thirds of our property being developed into the camp, which includes Abraham’s and Catalina’s home!  All of the above hit our specific area on February 3rd, the same day that Jack left in bus back to Santiago earlier that morning.

Incendio 1    Incendio 2

Abraham & family, along with the group of 20 young people from the church in Santiago that were sent to help us on our land for a week, all had to evacuate to the nearest town 30 minutes away for one night.  Abraham then went home to our land and he and our closest neighbors kept close track of the nearest fires, while at the same time began helping others clean up.  Pictured above, the very next week three men from the same Santiago church returned to help Abraham with area needs. TYL!! that the fires have since left our area entirely and have ceased to be a wide spread threat in that part of the country. Our property measures a bit more than 300 yards by 1200 yards, with a road dividing it near the middle.  The pine plantation to the east of us with about 1,000 acres totally burned, but the eucalyptus plantation to the west did not burn at all.

During that same time, the six young women (mentioned in last month’s letter) participating in the six-month-long “Ultra” mission program based in Columbia arrived to Santiago to help for eight full days.  Janine, in the meantime was still stuck in the public hospital for 10 days with her arm in a cast awaiting surgery, which never happened.  We’ll update her story later in this letter.  The girls helped with several tasks here on our Santiago mission site for 4 days, and then they and Jack went south for another 4 full days to the camp property to help Abraham with those in need.  Here below is a photo of the women with the newly liberated Janine right before the women returned to Columbia and also a photo of them helping to gather materials to rebuild the burned down storehouse and corral of Abraham’s closest neighbor Luís.  It was so good to help him, as he and Abraham are extremely good neighbors for each other!

Janine with Ultra    helping Luis

Another specific prayer need this month has to do with Rodolfo, with whom we have been involved in purchasing our excavator last month.  His 3-year-old son Dylan contracted a type of virus in February and although he is slowly improving he lost his ability to walk for a time.  Rodolfo and his live-in partner & mother of Dylan are quite concerned and we have been praying for their family.  At the same time, Rodolfo is not returning Abraham’s calls or messages.  We both are traveling to the camp land this Wednesday, March 1st to hopefully also meet with Rodolfo, together with Abraham.  We have agreed with him that we can employ him fulltime to maintain and operate the excavator, which would be a financial blessing for his family as well. Please pray with us for all of these prayer points mentioned, giving God thanks for his touch and presence in it all. 


We had another very productive zoom video call with the lawyers associated with ProBono.  They are concentrating first on:

  • Registering our Fundación Misión Chile statutes with the Chilean national government.
  • Obtaining our Certificate to receive donations from within and from outside of Chile.
  • Facilitating the naming of two new directors for our board.

Now that the summer month of February is over, almost all lawyers and doctors are back to work.  Thank you for continuing to pray with us about these legal steps.

Our Santiago Casa de Acogida  (Refuge House) for men and women (mostly parents of sick children) has seen several changes in guests in February.

  • Dina was released by her hip replacement doctor to go home—after 2 months of waiting for the replacement part to arrive and 40 days of post-surgery.
  • 2-year-old Roberto was released to a hospital near his home to continue the treatment of his burns.
  • The mother of a child being evaluated for muscular dystrophy was with us for one week.
  • Three persons from northern-most Arica, Chile were here for two days with one companion each to be evaluated for and scheduled for stomach by-pass surgery. They are due back in May.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about the current condition of children that are no longer in Santiago hospitals.  In all cases of those staying here, our team looks for opportunities to pray with and talk with our guests even after they have returned home.

With NallelyOne special blessing here in Santiago was to get back together with Nallely, who was living here on our mission site together with her brother Jorshua (yes it’s spelled right) with seven other wards of the State children for over a year, ending in 2013.  Then she was 12-years-old and now she’s 22.  Her training is in being a chef and she is without work at the present time.  She also lives with her boyfriend’s family.  It was good to encourage her and spend time together.  Here’s a picture of all of us together for lunch. She’s on the left between Carolina and Jack.  We continue to pray for the circumstances and relationship with God of all nine of the children that spent time with us in 2012 and 2013.

Janine is also reviewing reports, good record-keeping technics, and inventory control with Carolina.  It’s so important to end up with workable solutions Carolina will be willing and able to use.  Carolina will also continue to contact and meet with Santiago area hospital social workers to make sure that they know about our Casa de Acogida .

JANINE’S WRIST  Regarding her mending broken left wrist, Janine is in position to move into final decisions that she will be making in the States with her doctor in California.  In mid-February she was released from the public hospital after her 10-day stay with no progress toward the surgery they suggested.  She knows God had a reason for her stay—definitely an interesting time interacting with other patients and staff!  They finally released her to be at home to await her surgery, which the surgeon promised would be on February 10th at the latest.  Needless to say, no surgery was scheduled and it became a continual waiting game.  At home in the meantime she made an appointment at a private clinic she’s used in the past and they took another x-ray and gave her a new shorter, less heavy cast and recommended not having surgery at this time.  She now will get that cast removed on March 13th, one day before we fly to California.  Supposedly also, casts aren’t allowed on international flights to prevent people from hiding drugs inside of them. 🙂

Praising, praying, fasting and GIVING ALL GLORY to OUR ONE, TRUE GOD,

Jack & Janine

February 2023 Celebration of God’s Moving Us Forward


Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the people of the world revere him.  For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.  The Lord foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.  But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.  –Psalms 33: 8-11

Entering February we have special reasons to celebrate God’s moving HIS PLANS and HIS PURPOSES forward!

IN RURAL CHILE we’ve been praying for an opportunity to purchase our own excavator instead of having to rent one at a very high cost.  We had mentioned a rental cost of $5,000 for two machines for two weeks in December, but that cost was for each machine.  Thus we paid $10,000 for both machines, including the operators, fuel, oil, and transport.  Rodolfo was the operator of one of the two machines, and Abraham was quite pleased not only with the way he worked, but also with his humble character.  Rodolfo has grown up learning to operate and maintain excavators from his father, who has much experience in this line of work.

cleared land        new excavator

GIVING GOD THANKS!!  In mid-January we started pursuing the purchase of our own excavator, trying to use the Chevy 4×4 pickup that we’ve been trying to sell as a trade-in.  We know zilch about excavators, so Abraham and Rodolfo hit the countryside to find a good machine. We finally have succeeded and are giving God our thanks!  We will also now employ Rodolfo beginning this month of February and he will service and ready the machine for use.  We will be able to rent out the excavator to others, who will pay rental costs as we did.  This will help us cover our own costs for the large amount of work needing to be completed on our own property.  Above is a photo of part of the land we cleared in December, along with a photo of our new, used excavator.  From left to right we are Abraham, Rodolfo, and Jack.

We firstly thank God for his faithfulness in continuing the transformation of our land into a camp & retreat center!!  We secondly thank you as well for your faithful prayers!    We are looking for individual donors to help offset our recent and upcoming larger costs, and we would invite them to contact us through our email chilemission1@gmail.com and also become more familiar with our ministry via our website www.chilemission.org

3-year-old Abril in the picture below is welcoming the 2020 Toyota pickup to its new home in “the campo”.  For those of you who are thinking Beverly Hillbillies, we don’t blame you. J  Also below is a photo of Mark from AZ who came to Chile for 2 ½ weeks in January to help clear trees and do other things.  He is standing with Catalina, Abraham, and Abril.  To prepare for his trip he studied Spanish prior to coming and we were blessed with his help.  As we mentioned in our January letter, we are inviting individuals and churches to come and “lend a hand” anytime.  Our Chilean rainy winter is from the end of May to early Sept., so perhaps the end of the year or the beginning of next year will be better.  Start planning!

The Toyota pickup now at home and ready to go    Mark w Abraham family

Church group of 20GIVING GOD MORE THANKS!!  A group of 20 young adults and others arrived from a Chilean Santiago church to the camp property on Jan. 30 to spend one week helping on the land in different ways.  Seen here, they arrived with much enthusiasm!  They mark our very first church to arrive for a one-week helping/spiritual retreat!  TYL!!  This marks another significant reason to celebrate God’s faithful provision and answer to prayer.  Abraham has finished the new bedroom complete with a bunk bed and second bathroom, and even though the group of 20 will be camping in tents, the added bathroom and space will be very helpful for workers and visitors.  There is a private entrance so Abraham’s family don’t have constant visitors traipsing through their house!  Thank you so much for praying for these matters with us!

In the meantime the surveyor continues working on his final drawing of the northern lots of our land.


One of our main goals while here these few months was to make contact with Pro Bono, a Chilean Foundation of lawyers who help Foundations such as ours with legal matters, to see how they might help us get registered with the national government and also obtain our certificate to receive donations from both within and outside of Chile.  We, Abraham, & Julián had a Zoom visual meeting with them and we just received word that they will help us.  That was great news, and we hope to be able to sign any needed documents before mid-March when we return to the States.  TYL!! and thank you for your prayers!

 Regarding those that have stayed and are staying at our Santiago Casa de Acogida  (Refuge House) for medical treatments in their families:

  • we have not received an update on Dominíc this month.
  • Baby Matías was moved to a hospital near his home in Rancagua. The good news is that he continues to gain weight as he puts his CMV virus behind him.
  • Dina is in rehab and is doing great after her hip replacement. We’re not sure how much longer she’ll be with us before going home—she has been here about three months.
  • Rocio also continues to recuperate at home after surgery here to correct her scoliosis.
  • A new small child, Roberto (almost 2-years-old) is here in Santiago to treat severe burns caused by his reaching and pulling down boiling water on himself, burning the whole left side of his body.  His progress is slow but sure and his mother, Valeria, stays with him in the hospital, while his father, Roberto, stays in one of our houses. The three of them are pictured here below in Roberto’s hospital room.  What a blessing to be a support for them, both in prayer and otherwise!

Roberto 1

WE ALSO GIVE GOD THANKS FOR THE UPCOMING ONE-WEEK VISIT OF A GROUP OF SIX YOUNG WOMEN IN FEBRUARY!!  They are from the States and are participating in a Latin American ministry summer program for women known as “Ultra”.  During this South American summer they are visiting and helping ministries such as ours in several Latin countries and we’re excited to be able to host them!  They’re due to arrive on Feb. 9th and leave on Feb. 18th and their time will be split between our work in Santiago and on the rural camp property.  Please pray for their coming and going and time with us.

Lastly we have one more prayer request for you….

janine's broken wristJanine was walking on an uneven cement sidewalk in La Cisterna yesterday, January 30th, and she fell, breaking her left wrist.  It was casted yesterday but the scan of the break showed bone fragments and incomplete alignment after manhandling her bone back into place.  She is due to go back to the hospital this Thursday, February 2nd, for surgery and is expecting to stay in the hospital for one or two nights.  The doctors aren’t entirely sure if they’ll operate on Thursday or on Friday—you never know for sure in Chilean public hospitals. 🙂 In spite of everything, she is in good spirits and is not experiencing much pain, even though her temporary plaster cast is pretty heavy.  Thank you Lord for always being with her and with all your children!

Praising, praying, and fasting in our “ETERNAL PLANS and PURPOSES” ONE, TRUE GOD,

Jack & Janine

January 2023 Praises & Prayer Needs


Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.”  –Lamentations 3: 22-24

We wish each of you the Lord’s faithful presence and blessing as we enter 2023–some of you in the middle of optimism and good circumstances and others living out personal loss and extremely hard circumstances.  But ALL of us truly “born again” in Christ Jesus can enter this new year with the hope and assurance that come with our real relationship with the One True God.  The above verses found in Lamentations served as the basis for Thomas Chisholm’s famous prayer & hymn, GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESSWhat a good reason to go forward in God in the middle and with a continually renewed spirit!

Speaking of “continually renewed” spirits, we so give the Lord thanks for your faithful prayers and support!!

We arrived Sunday, January 1st, in Chile and we look forward to these next 2½ months of being able to personally connect to his faithful guidance of Chile Mission’s work in Chile.  Again, thank you for doing your part!  Jack even now has his renewed Chilean ID card in hand, so TYL!!  We have several significant developments to share with you that need prayer….

ON THE BODEUCA CAMP PROPERTY, two main works are in process:

  1. The drawing of the subdivision of the land’s 30 northernmost acres has now been completed and is ready to submit to SAG, the Chilean governmental agency that governs such issues in the rural parts of the country. While this step does not affect the camp’s ongoing development, it does leave the northern 30 acres of our camp property ready for future development and sale.  We are looking at all sources of financial resources to help financially sustain the on-going development of the camp.
  2. Abraham is supervising the work of two excavating machines to level and improve the public access road passing in front of the property and also to fill ravines and low areas within the camp property. Seen below, an excavator can literally transform any section of land!

Escavator at work        Toyota ready to go2

There is much work left to do with this type of heavy machinery and the cost of renting the two machines and their operators for two weeks in December cost just under $5,000 (USD).  One of the two operators, Rodolfo, has grown up doing such work and knows of some excavators in good condition for sale, leading us to an important opportunity to consider.  Rodolfo will investigate and test these machines.  The cost of good, used excavators is no small investment and should we buy one it will mean also hiring Rodolfo to continue with the needed changes to the camp property.  From observing him these past two weeks, Abraham has a high opinion of Rodolfo’s work habits.  As mentioned, we have much more work for the excavator ahead of us.  As such, when not actively connected to this type of camp property work, we can rent out the machine and Rodolfo to others in the area at the cost we are paying now for such services.  The monthly operation of one machine runs roughly $4,000 in contrast to almost $10,000 in income generated.   Please pray with us for God’s guidance in making the decision.

While Abraham continues seeking a buyer for the Chevrolet pick-up, as pictured above our worker Juan has now finished soldering and installing a solid support framework for the rear bed of the mission’s newly purchased 2022 Toyota pick-up.  Nice work, Juan!!   We plan on insuring the truck and driving it to the camp property this month.  In the meantime, Janine plans on traveling by bus to the camp property this week of January in order to help assess our immediate steps.

Abraham is also almost finished with the new bedroom and bathroom added on to the end of their house.  TYL!!  That is good, as we await the arrival of Mark, a new friend from the States who is due to arrive in Chile on January 9th to visit and help work with us on the camp property.  Mark, now retired, regularly makes short term mission trips to help others and we’re grateful to receive him in Chile. With God’s blessing he will come again to lend a hand. J

Are you retired and have a skill or experience to lend in helping us go forward on our rural camp property??  We can use you here!! The Lord works in wonderful ways, doesn’t he??!!

Abraham continues seeking a buyer for the Chevy pickup.  It’s in good condition and is a valued form of transportation in rural Chile.  We are anxious to start using our Toyota truck, more suited for the country back roads.

IN SANTIAGO new guests continue to arrive to the mission site in Santiago as well.  It is gratifying to be able to house and spiritually support all who arrive!  Presently with us are:

  • Jordan & Laura, the parents of Matías, their 2 month-old baby boy born with a congenital virus known as CMV. As with other infants and children, this very serious virus is typically treated in Santiago hospitals.  Laura basically lives at the hospital to continue breast-feeding Matías. Their family is pictured here below.
  • Dina is a middle-aged woman who has been waiting years for a hip replacement. She was told to come to Santiago to schedule the surgery, and after waiting here for a month, the surgery is set for this Saturday, January 7th.
  • Also with us is Rocio, a fifteen-year-old who came to Santiago to correct her scoliosis.  She’ll be here for 10 days recovering and resting.

Jordan, Laura, & MatíasThank you for praying for Matías & family, Dina, & Rocio and also for Dominíc, who continues forward at home, but with some problems with his feeding tube.

While here in Santiago we hope to continue to make more progress with Julián on all issues having to do with our Misión Chile (Chile Mission) Foundation.  We anticipate having to sign documents related to needed legal changes. Please pray with us for God’s guidance in making the decision

Carlos workingSeen here, our worker Carlos is also almost finished with the periodic (every three years) sanding and re-staining of the wood-sided second floors of the houses and multi-purpose back building on the Santiago mission site.  He’s an excellent worker!

Praising, praying, and fasting in our “ETERNALLY FAITHFUL” ONE, TRUE GOD,

Jack & Janine

December 2022 Gratitudes and Prayer Needs


 For the wages of sin is death, but The GIFT OF GOD is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  – -Rom. 6: 23

WOW what a gift!!  Jesus WILL ALWAYS BE THE WHOLE WORLD’S BEST GIFT OF ALL!!  As we buy special gifts for those we love and, in general, spread Christmas cheer to those around us, let us PLEASE look for ways to share our Jesus in all ways possible.  He indeed is the MOST SPECIAL GIFT OF ALL!  

Speaking of significant real gifts, we are very grateful for your prayers for us and for God’s outreaches and ministries through Chile Mission.  They have not only sustained and made our work more effective but have in many ways sustained our family throughout the years.  Merry Christmas everyone!!

Between this year’s ICOM mission conference, times with very special friends, and being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with our entire family for a whole week, November was an extra special month for us!  At ICOM, several new people were interested in knowing more about Chile Mission and signed up to begin receiving our monthly Praises & Prayer Needs updates.

  2022 ICOM Chile Mission booth  Family 2022 photo

IN SANTIAGO our worker Juan has been working to create a soldered metal support framework for the rear bed of mission’s newly purchased 2022 Toyota pick-up.  The truck is replacing our Chevy pick-up and should serve Abraham well in these coming years.  Once the Chevy is sold Abraham will come to Santiago and drive it south to the camp property.

Carolina has attended to several new guests staying at the mission site in Santiago as well.  Our goal is to regularly receive and help as many families as possible.  Thus, she continues to make contact with hospitals and their social workers.  God’s opening and keeping open those doors is a prayer need for December and for 2023.

We give thanks that we’ve been able to purchase (Cyber Monday J) the plane tickets for our next trip to Chile!   We leave the States on December 31st and will be in Chile until March 14.  We pray in the meantime for continued good health and we’ve done well, with the exception that Jack is in good recovery from a recent bout with the flu, complete with chills, aches, and lots of sweating!  

A PRAISE & ANSWER TO PRAYERJack’s long-awaited renewal of his Chilean ID was completed finally and his new ID card has been picked up.  YAY and TYL!  That means that he can again sign legal and bank documents, etc.

Looking forward to our upcoming trip, two goals for our time in Santiago are the signing of any documents required to make the Chile Mission Foundation fully-functional, and also to help make good progress with the right person in getting our Spanish Misión Chile website up and running.


  • As mentioned above, Abraham is still in the process of selling the Chevy pickup. Thanks for praying with us for this!
  • The result of good communication between Abraham and Janine, good continuing progress has been made by the surveyor in subdividing the northern 30 acres. It’s important to complete this process in the coming months, as it is imminent that the government will be changing the minimum subdivision from 1.25 acres to at least 2.5 acres or more sometime in 2023.  The surveyor hopes to begin presenting our proposed subdivision to SAG, the Chilean agency responsible for approving such matters in rural areas this month.
  • Also related to the camp property per se, is the filling and leveling areas where ravines have deepened. This will allow for more stable interior roads and more options for the development of camp structures and buildings.  As mentioned in a prior prayer letter, Abraham has been in contact with a neighboring business man who owns an excavation firm, who now thinks that he’ll be able to bring equipment in January to tackle this need.  We pray that door stays open.
  • Lastly, Abraham is on track to finish in December the new bedroom and bathroom added to their house. This is good as we hope to start receiving others to help develop the property in different ways beginning in January.

All these above issues need prayer, as we know that God does receive them and answer them according to his good purposes and plan.  We again thank you for your prayers!

Praising, praying, and fasting in a PERFECT GIFT JESUS,    

Jack & Janine

November 2022 Praises & Prayer Needs


16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.  –John 3:16-17

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.  –Acts 1:8

QUESTION:  How “in the world” J could God even think about reaching THE WHOLE WORLD with the good news and touch of his son Jesus Christ, that NO ONE would perish?  Was he dreaming??

ANSWER:  God’s very plan and design is to reach THE WHOLE WORLD Through his church!!

The focus of this month’s praises and prayer needs is the Church’s going and sending of missionaries literally into all the world that includes right where we live, to extend the touch and good news of Jesus Christ.  As we write our November letter we are on our way to participate in ICOM, the annual missions conference of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. The place is the Columbus, Ohio convention center and the dates are Thursday through Saturday, November 3rd through the 5th.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY:  We are renting a three-bedroom Airbnb house approximately 15 minutes walk from the Convention Center, and have room for two more people to stay overnight!  Call us on our cell 949-394-8282 if you are interested in making the trip to Columbus.  What a super last-minute worthwhile outing this would make!!   

It’s a fantastic, outward-focused conference with great speakers and many types of workshops, amid a huge variety of booths of missionaries (including our CHILE MISSION display every year J).  Please consider going for an entire day, and if that’s not possible, please join us in praying for its connection and impact on all those who attend.  More information can be found on the ICOM website, www.theicom.org

Glory to God page2    ICOM 2019 main session3

The key to it all is the church’s going, and sending & supporting of missionaries into all the world.  PTL!!

Our recent time in Chile was fruitful from beginning to end.

On the Campo Vivo land in middle, rural Chile:

  • Referring to last month’s letter, we were able to decide with Abraham on the location of several future buildings, including the work shop/storage building, the dining/meeting hall, and cabins.
  • We decided to subdivide and sell roughly thirty of our ninety acres not needed for the camp on the northern end of our property. We may very well hold on to some of the land to be sold for purposes of a type of club house area, but the income will provide much-needed resources in the development of the camp & retreat center.  A surveyor is in the process of dividing the land into acre plots and will contact Abraham when he’s ready to finish the process and “mark off” the divided acre lots.  Our property is divided by the public road, so this residential/second home area will be separate from the camp.  We are seeing a great upsurge in our area for people that live in urban areas looking for a little bit of country to install a fiberglass pool and camp area.  Plus—our property is gorgeous for this!
  • In identifying ravines to be filled and leveled, Abraham has contacted a neighbor who owns an excavating company to see about the cost and availability of his equipment and operator. As mentioned in past letters, this work will be costly but we will know more after he is able to personally look at these areas with Abraham.
  • We were able to locate and purchase a 2020 Toyota Hilux 4×4 pickup truck! This is a praise, as Toyotas are known to be well-designed for the tough conditions in which our land is located and it came with the larger-tread tires as well.  Abraham is now in the process of selling the Chevy 4×4 pickup.  The only drawback is the 20” step-up to enter the cab of the new truck!!

Here in the States we again met with our friend Kevin at his Christian camp in IL to discuss his possible trip to Chile.  His counsel on core infrastructure development is invaluable, gleaned from his many years of serving the Lord in that capacity at the camp he lives on!  We looked together at more photos taken during our recent time in Chile and discussed everything from the advice needed to dig a lake to the order of priorities in approaching the construction of needed buildings and structures.  It was decided that his time in helping us will be better served with his remaining in the States instead of making a short trip to Chile at the beginning of 2023.  Cell phone communication is so handy, isn’t it?!!  He also will be able to make contacts in the States with companies that have helped in the development of his own camp.  We’re very grateful!

Thanks for continuing to pray and give thanks for these initial stages in the development of CAMPO VIVO!!

In Santiago: 

  • Dominíc 5We have no recent news on baby Dominíc, now 8 months old, other than he is in good health and “hospitalized” at home in Chillán roughly 5 hours south of Santiago. We did, though, receive this new photo of him.  What a cutie!!  Pease continue to pray with us for God’s miracle healing touch on his heart and other organs.
  • Carolina is in the process of visiting Santiago hospitals to refer parents of children from other parts of Chile to us for housing. We are truly a Christian Casa de Acogida (House of Refuge) for these parents and families!
  • Concerning the development of a Spanish Misión Chile (Chile Mission) website, we are first writing up our own history of Chile Mission ministries development in Spanish to provide a base of information on which to build the website. Our goal is to have this completed during November.
  • Jack was able to “re”-finish J the application for the renewal of his Chile ID. That is a praise, other than the fact that the government office in charge of that process is very behind in issuing those cards and thus it won’t be ready to be picked up until the end of the first week of November.  He signed a power of attorney allowing Carolina to pick up his card in our absence and we are looking forward to the good news that she has it in her hands.  We are planning on being back in Chile for their summer months of January, February, and March.
  • The Foundation’s legal steps in registering with Chile’s federal government are back in motion, including the official registering of our Foundation to receive all types of donations, both in funds and in other items, etc. This process can still take months to complete, but we are grateful for the help of others who have connections and experience in these matters.
  • We were able to meet with all relevant parties to discuss all of the above. TYL!!

Getting back to the specific Missions Theme of this month’s praises and prayer needs, we end with the mission statement of CHILE MISSION:

Sent out by the Church…. to reach people, and especially children, with the love of Jesus, that they might know and follow him too.

Isn’t that the call and mission of us all?  Praise God and thank you so much for your on-going prayers!!  We’re in it together!

Praising, praying, fasting, in and with God’s Great Whole World Love,

Jack & Janine 

October 2022 Praises and Prayer Points


 For in him (Jesus), all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.  –Col. 1:16 (NIV)

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.  –Rom. 8:28 (NASB)

We have much to report on and give thanks for during our current time in Chile at Campo Vivo (The Countryside Alive) camp property in middle, rural Chile and with Chile Mission’s work in Santiago!  Regarding Campo Vivo we celebrate the fact that ALL of creation was created through Jesus and for Jesus.  We also take strength in the fact that God will continue to work for the good of Chile Mission in all the details and steps it faces both in rural Chile and in Santiago.  No detail is too small or too big for God!


We and Abraham have spent a good amount of time walking the property and the public, sand road outside of the property.  Certain portions of the road are still under water coming out of Chile’s winter season, and steps will need to be taken to put in some large diameter tubes to detour the water from the road and to possibly also change the location of the road in certain places once the road dries toward summer.  Inside our property we spent time studying the lower area to be dug for a lake, along with all the issues having to do with that—e,g. size, inflows, outflows, and depth, etc.  We pray that we will be able to start on the lake toward the end of this coming summer, around March.

We also looked at the best location for buildings to be constructed in 2023, beginning with the 2-story workshop/storage/parking building.  Included was a study of the condition of our interior roads in place and ravines.  As mentioned in our September letter, we pray that some with good camp work experience from the States can visit this coming January to help us think out the above issues.  One of the German Shepherds, Summer, accompanied us on our walks to help us study the terrain. 🙂

J&J 2022 1  overview of lake area  Summer helping

In addition, we and Abraham walked the northern section of the property located on the other side of the public access road to look at terrain challenges such as ravines, the location of interior roads, and areas to subdivide for sale to others.  Here are some photos below.  The flowers in Janine’s hands were quite small and grew in many areas.  Some of the views were spectacular as well.  The ravine pictured below was one of the deeper ones we came across, and we need to relevel land in various places.  How intricate and varied is Jesus’ creation!

Campo Vivo north end 1  Campo Vivo north end 3  Campo Vivo north end 2

Abraham will be meeting with a surveyor early in October to set up the clear delineation of property lines, along with the areas to be subdivided in the northern section of the property.

We thank you for praying about and giving thanks for all of the above issues mentioned above and below!

Other prayer points and praises:

  • With Abraham & Catalina we attended a meeting of many landowners (a kind of owner’s association) from the larger local area and met several new people—all older. Almost all of the land owners have grown up in the area, while their children have moved away and live in cities.
  • We must decide between renting or buying a used excavator in order to rework the several ravines that exist on both ends of the camp property. Either option will be expensive, but the machine is an essential piece of equipment in the ongoing development of the property.
  • We are also looking to sell our 2017 Chevy 4X4 pickup and replace it with a newer Toyota 4X4 pickup. It’s interesting that those here we’ve consulted with say that the Toyota Hilux is the only pickup well-designed for our hard terrain conditions.  We’ve also had some recent large repairs with our Chevy.


Carolina continues to do a good job with regard to her responsibilities.  She and Janine have spent time discussing her reports and initiatives, etc.  Even though it will take God’s supernatural touch for baby Dominíc to survive his serious heart condition, we continue to pray for him and his parents. He recently was hospitalized with pneumonia and survived. What a happy baby!  We also give thanks for the recent healthy birth of twins to Edison and his wife, who stayed at the mission site.  She was brought in to Santiago with eclampsia.  PTL!!  The emotional and prayer support we’ve been able to provide to parents in their difficult medical situations with their children has been significant.

Dominic4    Santiago birth of premature twins

The APEM prolife pregnancy center moved from the mission site after over three years of meeting in one of the houses on our site.  The new director lives in a different sector of Santiago, so it was better for them to find a location much nearer to her.  It’s been a blessing and privilege to provide them with housing these past recent years and we wish them the best as we continue to pray for their good path forward!

Jack did go to the main office of the government department that deals with the Chilean ID cards of foreign permanent citizens such as ourselves and all went well—so it seems!!  He is supposed to be able to pick up his new renewed ID card the second week of October before we fly to the States on the 19th of the month.  Of course, the “proof is in the pudding” as they say! J

With regard to our Foundation CHILE MISSION, we, Abraham, and Julián (husband of Carolina) recently had a conference zoom call with an ex-representative of the government that deals with Foundations.  She hopes to put us into contact with both an attorney who works with Foundations and with the representative of a bank that can open an account for us.  Our contact with her represents a good step forward in getting needed legal changes and steps put in place and we’re grateful!  In the past we have not had a good attorney to work with, and the bank account the Foundation did have was costly.  Also, our past attempts to obtain a certificate and standing to receive donations from inside and outside of Chile were never achieved, so these current steps represent a definite prayer need.  Thank you for that!

We are still working on locating the right person to finish developing our Spanish CHILE MISSION website.  Thanks for your prayers.

Finally, before leaving Chile we will have a board meeting.  We give thanks for our working with an excellent Chile Mission team!

Praising, praying, fasting, in OUR “CREATOR, PURPOSE-ACHIEVING JESUS—Lord & Savior!!

Jack & Janine 

Sept. CHILE Gratitudes & new Prayer Needs


By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night.   Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.  –Ex. 13: 21-22

God has always guided his children, be it through his Word and Holy Spirit, or even through a pillar of cloud and pillar of fire.  We see this as well in Proverbs 16:9, “In his heart man plans his course, but God determines his steps.”  As such it’s important to remember that WE are now his children!  Thus for us, Frank Sinatra’s song “I did it My Way” is definitely out of the question!  🙂

We and Abraham & Catalina gleaned much good information, tips, and encouragement of different types during our two-month tour of Christian camps in the States this past U.S. summer!  They returned to Chile August 1st and we now fly to Chile Sept. 4th, staying through to Oct. 19th, where much of that time will be spent on the camp property in middle Chile with them to assess and plan next steps forward concerning the development of the land.  These three photos tell the next steps:

During our recent two months of visits to camps we received lots of valuable advice on first steps to take in Chile.  We are hoping that Kevin (one such long-time camp worker), who has been responsible for all the physical plant development of his camp over the last 40+ years (WOW!!), can come to Chile this coming January (Chilean summer) to walk our property and discuss first hand our overall plan of land development.  His (and others’) biggest advice of all?  “Be sure to not get ahead of God in all you plan to do, but be patient and attentive to his leading, and he will guide you and the Christian camp & retreat center WILL BECOME A REALITY!  You can COUNT on it, including the raising of every bit of needed finances.”  With good reason we firmly know that your prayers have been yet another central reason for these great developments!

Chile camp property

Abraham, Catalina, and Abril arrived home safely to heavy winter rains that have rendered the public road outside of the camp property impassable from time to time.  Still, they are glad to be home and he is working mainly indoors, finishing the new bathroom/bedroom addition begun months ago.

When we arrive in Sept.

  • we will work with him to specifically identify upcoming developmental steps and issues needing to be addressed now and during Kevin’s short visit in January.
  • Abraham will also continue to search for a Chilean certified architect to be our needed go between with the Chilean government to proceed with building plans on the property.
  • We plan and hope to follow up on the purchase of a used excavator for sale. It was the property of a relative of Chilean friends.  He since has died, but used this equipment in his work and his children want to sell it.  If it’s in good operating condition and the price is reasonable, it represents a very good and needed purchase, given the amount of work we will have for it on the camp land.

Once Kevin visits and the architect is located at a reasonable cost, we will be in a better positon to project the cost of upcoming construction of buildings, along with other work: i.e., digging the lake and proceeding with wells, septic, interior roads, and buildings, etc.

Thank you for your prayers for our upcoming visit!

In Santiago

We look forward to visiting with Carolina & family to discuss God’s ministries taking place on the Chile Mission site.  This will include talking over hospital and clinic contacts, internal policies & reports, and interactions with those staying on the property for medically-associated reasons.  She is committed to doing a good job, which is central to going forward well.  The latest information she has is that baby Dominíc, whom we’ve mentioned as needing prayer in his fight for survival in our two last monthly Praise & Prayer Needs letters, continues making steady, slow progress at home.  Thank you Lord!

In addition, Jack must renew his Chilean identification card, a process that is always automatic and not difficult, but the government advised us that they cannot confirm his residency status.  On the other hand, Janine’s came through slowly but fine—she had extended her visa during covid, but Jack had traveled back twice.  It should be a “fun” process!!  Instead it is just another use of time and effort that we have to spend time on.  Hard to believe that Janine has her new identification card, considering that she is “under” Jack’s approved status!!

We will also be meeting with Chile Mission board members to discuss progress and ministry outreaches.  There are, in addition, further legal steps necessary to make needed changes to our Foundation’s by-laws.  These basic changes have been previously applied for, but still not terminated.

Lastly, we are still seeking a Chilean to take charge of developing our Spanish Chile Mission website.  We do have a web “server”, but the actual work has much farther to go.

In all of the above we seek and give thanks for your steady prayers and gratitude!!

Praising, praying, fasting, to OUR “STEP-LEADING” GOD OF ALL!!

Jack & Janine