“Casa de Acogida” Refuge House

The Mission’s Family Christian Residence, opened in April, 2010, was a long time in development. The residence complex, consisting of two duplexes (four houses in total) and a multi-purpose building, is built on the Chile Mission’s property located in the middle of urban La Cisterna in the southern part of the capital city of Santiago. It began as a residence for children arriving from large children’s homes, after being abandoned or taken away from their families.  All of the children suffered from one or more forms of abuse and/or neglect.

The children lived in two of our four houses (two duplexes) on the property with Christian house parents to experience “family” (in many cases for the first time in their young lives), as they lived in our homes with Christian Chilean house parents.  Goals and objectives in this work included getting the children to respect authority and learn to receive and give love, as we taught them Christian values through Jesus and instilled in them self-worth.

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We continued in our work with children through October of 2013, at which time the children were removed and re-located by two Chilean judges, largely due to one of the girl’s lies and false acusations against her house parents.  The removal was extremely disappointing for all of us, especially in view of not being able to even respond or be a part of the proceeding.  Still, we know that they all received Jesus by various means during their time with us and that the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS at work in people’s lives to bring them to Jesus, so we can be sure that Chile Mission’s investment in these young people was not mis-spent!!  At present there are no children living in the Residence houses.

2014 through 2016 were years of re-forming and re-shaping the ministry, as well as addressing interior and exterior maintenance needs.  During this time a new legal foundation established.

In 2017 we re-opened two houses as a Casa de Acogida (house of refuge & support) to provide housing and emotional & spiritual support for parents of children hospitalized in Santiago children’s hospitals.  The children come to Santiago from others parts of Chile to be treated for bad burns, cancer, and other long-term treatments or for organ transplants.  This is an important ministry to the parents, as we are able to get to know them, pray with them to a Real God who loves them and is with them, and otherwise support and interact with them.

We received our first mother in November of 2017 and this important ministry continues with both mothers and fathers continually staying on our Santiago ministry site.  We are pictured here below with Julián, Carolina, Esteban, and Abdías, who now live on the site as well.  Carolina coordinates and carries out the work of the Casa de Acogida.

Santiago team

1.   Our work with children and their families takes place under the direction of  a corporation/foundation, La Fundación “MISIÓN CHILE (Chile Mission).  The foundation’s organizing statutes were officially approved by the government in September, 2015.  A significant benefit of being a legally-recognized Foundation in Chile will be its ability to seek financial support within the country from a variety of sources, both private and public, as well as receive donations–both financial and otherwise–from outside of Chile.  

2.   The Foundation board is responsible for all of Chile Mission’s work and ministries.