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December 2022 Gratitudes and Prayer Needs


 For the wages of sin is death, but The GIFT OF GOD is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  – -Rom. 6: 23

WOW what a gift!!  Jesus WILL ALWAYS BE THE WHOLE WORLD’S BEST GIFT OF ALL!!  As we buy special gifts for those we love and, in general, spread Christmas cheer to those around us, let us PLEASE look for ways to share our Jesus in all ways possible.  He indeed is the MOST SPECIAL GIFT OF ALL!  

Speaking of significant real gifts, we are very grateful for your prayers for us and for God’s outreaches and ministries through Chile Mission.  They have not only sustained and made our work more effective but have in many ways sustained our family throughout the years.  Merry Christmas everyone!!

Between this year’s ICOM mission conference, times with very special friends, and being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with our entire family for a whole week, November was an extra special month for us!  At ICOM, several new people were interested in knowing more about Chile Mission and signed up to begin receiving our monthly Praises & Prayer Needs updates.

  2022 ICOM Chile Mission booth  Family 2022 photo

IN SANTIAGO our worker Juan has been working to create a soldered metal support framework for the rear bed of mission’s newly purchased 2022 Toyota pick-up.  The truck is replacing our Chevy pick-up and should serve Abraham well in these coming years.  Once the Chevy is sold Abraham will come to Santiago and drive it south to the camp property.

Carolina has attended to several new guests staying at the mission site in Santiago as well.  Our goal is to regularly receive and help as many families as possible.  Thus, she continues to make contact with hospitals and their social workers.  God’s opening and keeping open those doors is a prayer need for December and for 2023.

We give thanks that we’ve been able to purchase (Cyber Monday J) the plane tickets for our next trip to Chile!   We leave the States on December 31st and will be in Chile until March 14.  We pray in the meantime for continued good health and we’ve done well, with the exception that Jack is in good recovery from a recent bout with the flu, complete with chills, aches, and lots of sweating!  

A PRAISE & ANSWER TO PRAYERJack’s long-awaited renewal of his Chilean ID was completed finally and his new ID card has been picked up.  YAY and TYL!  That means that he can again sign legal and bank documents, etc.

Looking forward to our upcoming trip, two goals for our time in Santiago are the signing of any documents required to make the Chile Mission Foundation fully-functional, and also to help make good progress with the right person in getting our Spanish Misión Chile website up and running.


  • As mentioned above, Abraham is still in the process of selling the Chevy pickup. Thanks for praying with us for this!
  • The result of good communication between Abraham and Janine, good continuing progress has been made by the surveyor in subdividing the northern 30 acres. It’s important to complete this process in the coming months, as it is imminent that the government will be changing the minimum subdivision from 1.25 acres to at least 2.5 acres or more sometime in 2023.  The surveyor hopes to begin presenting our proposed subdivision to SAG, the Chilean agency responsible for approving such matters in rural areas this month.
  • Also related to the camp property per se, is the filling and leveling areas where ravines have deepened. This will allow for more stable interior roads and more options for the development of camp structures and buildings.  As mentioned in a prior prayer letter, Abraham has been in contact with a neighboring business man who owns an excavation firm, who now thinks that he’ll be able to bring equipment in January to tackle this need.  We pray that door stays open.
  • Lastly, Abraham is on track to finish in December the new bedroom and bathroom added to their house. This is good as we hope to start receiving others to help develop the property in different ways beginning in January.

All these above issues need prayer, as we know that God does receive them and answer them according to his good purposes and plan.  We again thank you for your prayers!

Praising, praying, and fasting in a PERFECT GIFT JESUS,    

Jack & Janine