July 2022 CHILE Praises & Prayer Needs Update

FREE – Raising JESUS”

31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.  –John 8:31-32, 36

As we celebrate the United States’ freedom from English rule this month, the above verses come to mind.  John 8 speaks of a TRUE freedom found ONLY in Jesus—the one REAL freedom we Christians live and teach to our children and others.  In reality, we all are always growing in our relationship with God. 🙂  In the same way, Christian camps also do make a difference in lives.  How sad that someone can be physically free and yet be spiritually lost.   

In our travels to Christian camps these two months of June and July with Chilean camp teammates Abraham, Catalina, & little girl Abril we are paying special attention to the messages and relationships that the camps have with children that attend.  We so appreciate your prayers for our travel, contacts, and learning along our route!!  Abril is traveling very well and we are virtually learning A TON!  There are some camps that even may be able to come to Chile and help us develop our property there in different ways.  What a blessing! 

Beginning our camp visits on June 5th in southern California, during June we visited seven Christian camps and presented to five churches and have several more camps to visit in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas in July.   Camps are a combination of fun, challenges, God messages, and new relationships.  Here are some photos from our June camp visits….

The upper left photo was taken at The Ark camp. The lobby is full of animals and flags of different countries to emphasize their focus on world mission. During our time with them they were in the middle of a camp for people with special needs, and the lower right photo shows Jack with a new friend.

A short quote from Abraham and Cata:

“Ha sido un mes de mucho aprendizaje, donde cada día podemos comprender más el propósito de Dios para nuestro trabajo con los niños en Chile.  Pedimos oración para que Dios levante más trabajadores dispuestos a desarrollar este proyecto junto a nosotros. También oren para que Dios ponga los profesionales y autoridades correctas en Chile para poder lograrlo paso a paso. Amen”

Paraphrased, the above says, “It has been a month of much learning, in which we are understanding more and more God’s purposes for our work with children in Chile.  We ask for your prayers that God would raise up more support and workers inclined to come alongside us in our camp project.  Also please pray that God will put us in contact with the right Chilean professionals and authorities to move forward step by step.  Amen”


At the Chile camp property

  • We always have to have a physical presence on our camp property, due to stealing.  We had planned on Abdías being there during Abraham’s trip, but for health reasons he returned to Santiago.  Catalina’s mom and other family members are now on the property to feed the dogs and care for daily problems.
  • Cata’s brother suffers from allergies and asthma as well, so please pray for his health during their time on the camp property, that he will not have any crisis situation.
  • Also please join us in giving thanks for Abraham’s & Cata’s neighbors Luís and Pedro & Raquel, who are so willing to step in when needed.

In Santiago

All continues well at the Chile Mission ministry site.  Also, Carolina tells us that baby Dominíc (now back home) continues in stable condition, gaining weight much like a normal baby.  Medical personnel are going to Dominíc’s house every other day to check on him.  The doctors have not decided on what treatment to pursue, if any, and are surprised that he continues in seemingly stable condition.  We praise and thank you, Lord!!

Praising, praying, fasting, to OUR FREE — RAISING JESUS!!

Jack & Janine 

One thought on “July 2022 CHILE Praises & Prayer Needs Update

  1. I was so glad to see you all at Living Creek Church. I wasn’t there like I wanted to be ; but was able to see you as they introduced you and Janine and Abraham and Cata and their daughter. You and Janine look great. She’s got such a beautiful smile. I wrote you shortly afterwards, but wasn’t able to get it through. Praying for you as always. Felt a sadness as someone said on a news station That Christians were not able to preach in Chile. I was a little confused at what was going on with you and Janine;And of course your friends. May God richly bless you and yours. Take care and Thankyou for calling through the years. Not tooo long ago. Love In Christ Donna Anema.

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