June Chile Mission Praises & Prayer Needs


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

If there were any three key ingredients that society and the world badly lack, they are those mentioned in the above Bible verse.  1 Corinthians 13 is a tremendous chapter on the importance and meaning of love in Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth.  Do faith, hope and love have One, True source??

God, and more specifically Christ Jesus, have always been the One, True Source and answer for where to go to find what we truly seek and need.  All good values and all human life matters, and many people believe that there is no one, true answer and source of good values. The world says we need to rely on our own truth and God tells us to come to and connect with Jesus.  We Christians, in whatever country that God puts us, can have no other more important singular mission than to make Jesus known and equip others to do the same, starting with the testimony of our own lives.  How great an honor and responsibility for us of Chile Mission to be in Chile to carry out the mission of Jesus there and how thankful we are for your prayers!!


  • Abraham, Catalina, & daughter Abril are set to fly from Santiago to Los Angeles on June 1, arriving in the morning June 2. Thanks for praying against any anxiety that Catalina may have, as she has never flown and has never been outside of Chile.
  • Abdías is set to stay on the Chile camp property during the two months that Abraham and family are in the States with us. Other key people will be helping and accompanying Abdías from time to time as needed. Abraham has some great neighbors living close by, which is a big blessing. His nearest neighbor is more than one half mile away.
  • Several good visits to children’s camps have fallen into place and are scheduled, starting with two excellent camps in southern California the first full week of June and then continuing from Illinois through Indiana to North Carolina and over to Alabama and Texas.
  • From helping host 5 consecutive Chile summer vbs camps through 2020, we have seen how the outdoors & nature, combined with fun and healthy relationships are an effective way for opening children and youth up to meeting Jesus firsthand. The Holy Spirit is working in all of it! J
  • Roughly half of Chilean youth either doubt that God exists or don’t believe in Jesus. The developed camp & retreat center in middle Chile will be a great outreach ministry!
  • Abraham and Abdías have made good progress toward completing the extra bath and bedroom they’ve been working on.

addition6          Dominíc

In Santiago

  • Parents are regularly staying at the Chile Mission site, with many facing very difficult circumstances of their children. Recently, parents Victor & Isabel stayed for roughly two months after Isabel gave birth to a baby boy, Dominíc, pictured above.  Sadly, he was born with a severe heart defect and his stomach is upside down—something extremely rare.  In the end the doctors felt that they could not improve Dominíc’s situation and sent him home with his parents to Los Angeles, Chile (roughly 6 hours south of Santiago) to die.  In checking today, he is again hospitalized with an infection, but is gaining weight.  Thank you for praying with us for a miraculous healing for Dominic and for the reassurance for Victor & Isabel that God is with them as a family.
  • We continue to look for other Foundations and ministries that may be able to have some needed space on our mission site.

Jack’s health ….

Thanks for praying for Jack’s health these last several years.  He was referred to a rheumatologist early in May that has identified Jack’s condition as “Auto-Immune Neutropenia (AIN)”.  Neutropenia is what is dangerous for people going through chemotherapy, as their white blood cell count is dangerously low.  Jack’s bone marrow is producing white blood cells, but his body is destroying them.  While it remains unclear about treatment to improve his blood count, it’s good to be on the right track one step at a time.

Praising, praying, fasting, to GOD–OUR ONE, TRUE SOURCE AND ANSWER !

Jack & Janine 

One thought on “June Chile Mission Praises & Prayer Needs

  1. Dear Friends: Just want you to know we are praying for you and the mission and do thank you for the update. The precious baby and parents also.  I can’t imagine how hard this all is for all of you. God be near you and guide you.  Love you all, Jaci and D

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