Our JUNE Prayer & Praise Letter


The Lord said to Moses, “Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites.  From each ancestral tribe send one of its leaders.”  So at the Lord’s command Moses sent them out from the Desert of Paran.  All of them were leaders of the Israelites.

Numbers 13 tells of Moses sending the 12 leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel into their new promised land to explore it and report back.  We know that they told of a land “flowing with milk & honey” and abounding with delicious fruit.  We also know that 10 of the 12 leaders were too afraid to re-enter the land with the people of Israel because of the formidable size and strength of the people living there. Only Caleb and Joshua had confidence and faith in God to follow him into the land that he had led them to.  Prior to Moses, we read about Abraham who God used in a mighty way, in first sending him to a “new unknown land that God would bring him to”.  God commended him in Hebrews chapter 11 for his faith.

Our own Abraham & Catalina also find themselves in a new land and home in middle Chile.  It, too, is a new land that God has led them to, and their confidence and faith in the Lord to take them forward will allow them to adjust and fully commit themselves to his plan and his purposes for the land and for them.  By God’s design, the prayers of his children and Church definitely make a difference in his Kingdom work in new lands. Thank you for your prayers for Chile and for all of us!  It’s important to also keep praying for peoples’ perspectives, faith, and connection to the new “coronavirus land” they find themselves in.  All of the above matter much to God!  God’s exhortation to Joshua in Joshua 1:9 apply to us today as well:

“Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Here are some of Abraham’s & Catalina’s photos of progress being made with the house, along with a photo of Abraham & Abril out for a morning walk.  They installed a new larger front door & wood-burning heater, and are working on their kitchen, this in addition to initiating needed changes on the land.

new larger front door installed  Salamandra funcionando all floors tiled & kitchen taking shape Abrahm con Abril

June’s land-related prayer points:

  • Abraham needs to build kitchen cabinets and install the kitchen sink.
  • He is also finishing a storage area in part of the adjoining adobe house.
  • Installation of a large 1,200 liter tank (about 300 gallons) and pump to supplement the existing water system.
  • Finalize plans with the electric company to move our electric line out to the road from its present location in the middle of the low-lying area designed to be made into a lake.
  • That Abraham can find good local help with construction & with other projects on the property.
  • We, too, have been contacted by a Chilean missionary family presently living & working at a YWAM (Youth with a Mission) base in Chile.  They would like to move to the land and help us, and we are in communication with them about that possibility.

Abraham is always asking about his next steps, and this is great for us.  We would like him to be in contact with government organizations about building and zoning regulations in rural areas (the nearest house is about ½ mile away), and he needs to find out who is responsible for keeping the road up–sometimes it is at least six inches underwater, so it is hard to travel from the house.  We have told him his goal is to host rustic camping in the summer—January & February 2021—it should be interesting!  Until then, his work includes getting to know as many neighbors as possible.  Also, in the three nearby cities, he needs to get himself known in city hall, and once the schools and churches are up and running, he will be meeting up with them, too.

We recently met with Cesar & Camila about how they need to increase their work and responsibilities here on the Santiago mission property.  They live on the property cost free in return for their involvement in and coordination of the mission’s work in Santiago.  In spite of having a good relationship with us they feel at present that they are unable to increase their work involvement and thus will be looking to move in the coming months.  Please pray for them and us as God guides them forward during this time and, if necessary, leads us to another couple to live on the mission site and help in the work.

We will be in the States from June 3 through to Sept.7, mainly to ready our “furlough house” in Cedar Lake, IN for sale.  We are very grateful for how the house has served our family’s needs these last 28 years, and at the same time would like to sell it to the young family that now live in it.  Please pray for our trip and for good progress with the house sale.

We have now received EMI’s video presentation (in both English and Spanish) of their week-long work trip to our land in middle Chile in February, along with their final report, including designs & stages of construction and layout of all structures.  Click on this link to see their videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3Pl-s0kw1g&t=28s

We also hope to use our present trip to the States to share plans for the development of the land with supporters and others.  Please pray for all up-coming presentations, both Stateside and in Chile, as well as for our team in Chile as it continues growing people-wise.

In the middle of all of the above prayer requests we give God thanks and praise for how he truly continues to lead forward his work here in Chile and watch over our team’s health.

Praising, praying, and fasting with you in our “ENTERING NEW LANDS” GOD,

 Jack & Janine

One thought on “Our JUNE Prayer & Praise Letter

  1. Hope that we will get to see you at Blue Ridge Christian while you are in the States. If not, we’ll be praying for:

    The successful sale of your house at Cedar Lake.

    The continuing progress at the new camp.

    Finding a suitable new couple for the Santiago mission property

    God’s Blessing in all you pursue!

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