“Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”  –Jer. 32:17

There is a saying, “God is never late; He’s seldom early; He’s always right on time.”  Together with Jeremiah 32:17, they make an ALL POWERFUL combination for the Christian in every circumstance! 

 We began this month’s Praise & Prayer Needs letter with the above.


We are sending this update to GIVE GOD THANKS AND PRAISE!!!  WE CLOSED ON THE PURCHASE OF THE 90-ACRE PLOT OF LAND YESTERDAY, OCTOBER 4TH , and yes, we now have in our possession the land that God opened up and brought us to for the future permanent children’s camp & related other important ministries to families in Chile!!

We are so used to every significant process and purpose in Chile taking months and months, if not years and years.  Our search for land has itself taken more than 8 years, so you can only imagine how we look at time.  We agreed on price one week ago and we have closed on the purchase only nine days later.

We, the realtor, and all nine living children (originally 14 in total) of the mother’s inheritance (their father had died years ago) were present this week – Oct. 4 – for the closing of our purchase of the property.  The closing took almost 2 hours and all of the inheritors needed to be there to complete the sale to us.  What was particularly incredible to us is that all of these details were put in place in only one week.  Only God could pull that off!! 😊  None of the 9 siblings had completed more than 6th grade in school and one needed a witness to his presence because he didn’t know how to write.  This has certainly been a large step for the camping ministry—now begins the work!  We are starting with a small frame three-bedroom house—not sure if we will have enough pressure for a hot water heater or not!  We also have a potential lake on the property, which we hope to deepen and extend for swimming and water sports!  We have lots of hills and valleys to fill with future projects!  God is good!  Here is a panoramic photo of the whole group, with Jack included:

land closing 11.2119a

Humberto & Rachel 10.2019We’re also including a photo of Rachel, her husband Humberto, and their two girls Josefina (5) and Maddie (5 mo.).  You’ve been praying for them for three months, and she continues to recover from her AVM (similar to a stroke) several months ago.  She was hospitalized roughly three months, including her surgery and recovery.  As you can see in the photo, she is now home (PTL!), and we want to say thanks for all of your prayers.  It has been a difficult situation for the family, with extended family helping with the two girls and the challenge of the complicated surgery and recovery along with language difficulties!

As always, God is the power and our source of help.  He is the only true God of the universe and it is he who rescues us through his son.  May all of us always look to him first, not last.

Praising, praying, and fasting, to our “OUTSTRETCHED ARM” God,

In his love and unity,

Jack & Janine

2 thoughts on “OCTOBER UPDATE – PTL!!!

  1. Jack, Janine was at CCM this morning. She told me all about this. Praise God! His timing is perfect and certainly His hand was in all the complicated details. Janine was able to stay after church and pray with our Prayer Team. A great blessing. Love you both. God’s continued blessings on you both. Twyla

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