OUR “EXTENDED ARM” GOD – October’s Gratitudes and peticiones for prayer

“Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”  –Jer. 32:17

There is a saying, “God is never late; He’s seldom early; He’s always right on time.”  Combined with Jeremiah 32:17, they make an ALL POWERFUL twosome for the Christian in every circumstance!  All of this to say that through the Lord we have located land to purchase for the development of a permanent children’s camp & Christian retreat center in middle Chile, agreed to a price with the owners, and all necessary legal documents are being gathered to complete the purchase and close on it in the coming week!!  To say that we are VERY grateful to the Lord would be a gross understatement.  Thank you to many of you for your faithful prayers these past years!  Please join us in giving God thanks and join us in praying for the impending closing!!!  There are many details to be thought out.  We will be sure to let you all know as soon as we have finished the purchase process.

We wrote in September’s letter of a contact with Leo, a Christian man (and friend of our dentist’s assistant) in middle Chile that wanted to sell his five acres on a river, purchased by him and his wife to use for a church retreats.  His wife died a few years ago, and he didn’t feel that he could continue with the project.  While his property would not be ideal pricewise and “sizewise”, our new relationship with him will be very beneficial in many ways.  This trip to middle and southern Chile turned out to be 2 ½ weeks.  At the beginning of the trip we called a realtor and he showed us a property of 90 acres.  While quite large, it held much promise.  We then continued south to pass out our information to hospitals about our housing ministry to mothers coming to Santiago for special medical care of their children.  Afterward we returned to middle Chile to again look at land.  Making contact with the realtor and Leo we were able to see the 90-acre property once again, this time with the sibling “inheritor” coordinating the sale of the land on behalf of her eight brothers and sisters.  The date was Sept. 25 and on that same date we agreed to a price with her to put in motion the processing of all needed documents.  Leo himself was quite taken by the property and its potential, along with its price of $3,000,000 pesos per hectar (2.4 acres), which corresponds to $1,700 (U.S.) per acre.  All other properties we’ve seen are being sold for much higher prices, while this land is also ideal for our purposes.  Again, we ask for your prayers as we approach the closing.  Here are three photos:  one with Janine, Rosa (the sibling owner), Jack, and Leo; one including the small house they used to live in; and a third of some of the land.

Bodeuca with Rosa & Leo Bodeuca2 Bodeuca overview from hill

While on the trip we were also able to meet with the coordinators of two other ministries, “FAMILIA ROYALE” (Royal Family) which is a ministry to abused children, and “PEPE”, which is a pre-school ministry to children at risk and poor children, many of them not knowing Jesus, providing them with basic Biblical concepts about Jesus and Christianity.  Both ministries are international and both are Christian-based, with Jesus in the middle.  Some of those we work with are looking to develop these exact kinds of ministries.  Please pray toward the possibility of putting one or both ministries into practice here in Santiago in the future.

Thirdly, Rachel continues to make excellent rehab progress. She is home and is regaining coordination and her speech ability!  TYL!!  Pray that her good therapy continues through the Chilean system, as Rachel’s U.S. family helpers will, in the end, return to the USA.  In a similar situation, Ursula, a friend from a church in northern Chile, has been just released from a clinic here in Santiago after spending 67 days hospitalized to solve the bleeding from her intestines.  In the end, she was able to undergo the necessary treatment using the necessary medical equipment and it appears that she will now heal and go forward.  TYL!!

While Chile is perhaps the most advanced, stable country in South America, so many such treatments seem to rely on opportunity “in the moment”.  We know that God was with her in all of this, and we are grateful!

ICOM 2018 boothFourthly, we will be heading to the States before the end of Oct. to visit churches and participate, as always, in this year’s missionary conference (ICOM) for the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.  The conference will be held in Kansas City MO. this year between Nov. 14-17, and is definitely worth attending!  We will be at our “CHILE MISSION” booth and would love to see you there!



Praising, praying, and fasting, to our “OUTSTRETCHED ARM” God,

In his love and unity,

Jack & Janine

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