April 2023 CHILE MISSION Praises & Prayer Needs


But even if you should suffer for doing right, you are blessed.  “Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.  But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect…  –1 Peter 3:14-15

The above verses serve to SO encourage us Christians to ALWAYS let Jesus’ truth and light live in us, that one more person will also come to know, love, and follow him!  Who else has the power to heal broken relationships and heal sickness of every kind and restore lives with purpose and truth except our Self-Sacrificed Savior and Risen, Resurrection Sunday Lord??  It’s because of him that we GIVE YOU THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS for us and for Chile Mission, as we also continue to pray for all of you.


Much has happened since our March letter and your prayers are important and much appreciated.


Luis new light pole>>We have been blessed to receive two special donations to help Abraham purchase needed tools in rebuilding fencing and small buildings destroyed by the February forest fires.  The church in Santiago that sent 20 young people to help on our camp property just before the fires hit are now sending a small group of men in this rebuilding process.  Seen here, Abraham helped his good neighbor Luís restore his electricity with the purchase of a tall pole for his power line and they are ready to rebuild his tool and supplies building lost to the flames.

>>Tragically, just recently Luís was also attacked and robbed in his house.  As neighbors’ houses are separated by much distance from each other, when Abraham heard Luís’ yells and all the commotion it took ten minutes to arrive near the house about a half mile from our property.  Abraham arrived with two other men to Luís’ aid but the robbers got away, bashing in the side and rear of our pick-up truck in their escape.  Luís was badly beaten, but is slowly improving and Abraham will be purchasing and installing solid gates on the camp’s two main entrances, along with security lights and cameras.  He and Luís and our other close neighbors are also cooperating to increase communication measures between their houses.  We have for a long time prayed for the security of all nearby properties and for the safety of both Abraham & family and of our other neighbors and we greatly appreciate your prayers for the same!  As in many other countries, stealing is quite common in Chile in cities and in rural areas, and this last incident even more highlights the need for God’s light to shine through the development of the camp & retreat center.

Needless to say, Abraham & Catalina were pretty shaken by what happened to Luís, although Abraham’s strong faith and spiritual leadership of his family are helping in their recovery.  We and our other Santiago teammates have been in regular communication with them as well, praying with and comforting them.  In the middle of all of this we share with you that Catalina is newly pregnant, due in late October.  What a joy for them and for their little girl Abril, due to turn 4 years old in June!  Please join us in praying for her pregnancy and in giving thanks for this new life that God is adding to their family.

>>We also continue to pray for Abraham’s success in re-contacting Rodolfo, who remains incommunicado.  Whether he returns to work for us or not, we pray for his good going forward and for the health of his sick 3-year-old son Dylan.  In the meantime, Abraham’s good mechanic will do all needed maintenance on the excavator.


Dominic 1 yr Casa de Acogida (Refuge House) has seen several new persons come and go during the past month.  This in-house ministry continues to minister to peoples’ spiritual needs whenever possible.  One big praise we have is that the little boy Dominíc continues to grow and is almost one-year-old, in spite of the doctors’ expectation that he would not live nearly this long.  In light of Jesus’ own resurrection celebrated this month of April, we give God thanks for Dominíc’s life and we pray that his parents, Victor & Isabel, would be touched by God and drawn to him during this Easter season.  Dominíc is quite a handsome little boy!

In the U.S.

We recently returned from Chile and find ourselves in northwest Indiana at what has been our furlough house for almost 31 years.  We will work on selling it by the first part of June, at which time we will be heading to Round Lake Christian Camp not far from Canton, Ohio, where we are excited to be their missionaries “on campus” through to early August.  It’s always a thrill to interact with young children and teens in enlarging their worlds with the Lord, giving them the desire to learn about what God is doing in other countries to spread his love and relationship to children and teens.

Our Cedar Lake Indiana house is located on a Christian Conference Grounds and has truly been a blessing for us and our children as we periodically returned to the States on furlough.  They were able to study in English and have friends here too, but now we want to live near to some of our kids’ families when we aren’t in Chile, which is why we bought a house in California.  When in the Midwest to visit churches and friends we will make other living arrangements when the time comes.  Thanks much in advance for your prayers for God’s blessing the preparation and sale of our Indiana house!  It’s no small task. 🙂 🙂

Meanwhile, Janine’s wrist is healed but not fully functional.  She’s in no pain and is beginning occupational therapy exercises as she awaits possible surgery once we return to California.  Thank you for your on-going prayers for the complete healing of her wrist.

We wish you all a meaningful, special Holy Week and triumphant Easter celebration!

Praising, praying, fasting in CHRIST JESUS, the Reason for ALL HOPE in the world,

Jack & Janine

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