October’s CHILE prayer needs & gratitudes


When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. 37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”  –Matt. 9: 36-38  These were Jesus’ words to his 12 disciples before sending them out to Jewish villages.  He repeated the exact same command to 72 of his disciples in Luke 10: 1-2 before sending them out.

The reality remains the same today.  The majority of people remain harassed and helpless, the harvest is indeed plentiful, and the workers remain few.  When was the last time we sincerely prayed for more workers and were a part of sending them out in one way or another?  We dedicate this month’s Prayer letter to those new workers and proposed new workers in the work of Chile Mission.  Local workers & partners are a major key to having the work of Chile Mission continue on into the future!  The raising up of new Kingdom workers also gives God glory!!  We give the Lord of the Harvest our profound thanks for your prayer partnership in his work through us in Chile, both in Santiago and in the middle of the country!! 

Here in Santiago we give thanks for Joherlit & Valentina, the new coordinators of our work on the mission property to give parents from other cities housing and spiritual comfort and support while in Santiago with their sick children.  Their work entails contacting both public and private hospitals in different parts of Chile to begin and many times refresh existing relationships previously formed.  Joherlit, from Venezuela, is the legal guardian of her younger 13 year-old sister Saray, who also lives with them on our mission site.  Valentina & Joherlit are pictured here with Paola (in the middle), who supervises them.  In the second photo are Joherlit with sister Saray.  Please keep praying for them, as new workers with us in the harvest.

We also give God great thanks for Abraham & Catalina, living on the mission’s camp property in middle Chile.  They are responsible for the work of developing the land and for our contacts with all others who play a role in one way or another in being a part of that work, including the permanent improvement of the public road to our property.  Abraham & Cata appreciate your on-going prayer support!  In spite of their living in the middle of the countryside far away from friends and family, they continue to embrace their role in leading the camp project forward.  The camp & retreat center will exist to reach young and old with our Creator Lord & Savior.

Jack and mission teammates Domingo & Sandra and Paola will be visiting the land on Saturday, October 3rd to go with Abraham to ask Rosa to sell us her remaining 2 ½ acres at the entrance to our property.  Please pray for this meeting and for her heart and response.  Juan Carlos, another possible new fellow worker with his family on the camp land, will also go with on the trip to introduce him to Abraham & Catalina and to the property itself.  He and his wife Loreto are Chileans currently living and working on the YWAM base on the coast with their 5 children.  As new workers with us, they would need to build housing on the camp land and also need monthly financial support.  We have mentioned them before but this is our first chance to get to meet them.  Our coming into contact with them was through another missionary friend, Mike, who also wants to personally visit the land.  We know that our present contact with Juan Carlos and family is not by coincidence, but due to both God’s plans for them (whether to work with us or not) and due to our and others’ prayers for more workers in the “Chilean” harvest.  

Jack arrived back in Chile in mid-September under a 14-day quarantine and Domingo & Sandra came to the mission property on September 18th, Chile’s Independence Day with their two daughters Viky & Renata and Paola to celebrate.  Here above is a photo of Domingo & Sandra dancing the Cueca, the national dance of Chile.  It was a beautiful day in which we thanked God together for the country of Chile and for his purposes through us.

Stateside, Janine is in Indiana working on our furlough house to prepare it for sale.  We give God thanks for the house that served us so well these many years, but we really no longer need it when back in the IL/IN area visiting churches.    

Praising, praying, and fasting with you in our one and only “LORD OF THE HARVEST”,

Jack & Janine

One thought on “October’s CHILE prayer needs & gratitudes

  1. Thank you for sending picture & the letters about all the very hard work being done in Chile. It gives a very vivid picture of what a muddy road looks like there. Goodness! We just don’t realize how fortunate we are on a daily basis. The pictures of all the workers is interesting & what is going on there. Praise God for them in the hard work they do. On another note: I had a knee replacement Oct.5 th. I’m doing very well though. Never needed the walker. Just working on exercises & trying to get back in gear.
    Prayers for all of you in your daily tasks & lives. I pray you find a buyer for your house and that all goes well about it.
    In Christ,
    Carolyn Roettgers

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