Our February gratitudes and prayer requests

100% DEVOTION at its Best!!

So then, those who had received his word were baptized; and that day there were added about three thousand souls.  They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.  Acts 2:41-42 (NASB)

Speaking of being devoted to on-going prayer, we are so grateful for your prayers for us and for Chile Mission!!  Again, thank you—your prayers make a difference and reflect your devotion back to God and his kingdom work!!

The words devotion and to be devoted to someone or something are important Christian concepts.  One of our camp’s teachings this year will be focused on God’s deep love for us and never-ending devotion and commitment to us and to his plan to have every one of us back in intimate relationship with him through Jesus.  We, in turn, make the important decision of faith to enter into such a relationship, devoting ourselves back to him, beginning with our baptism and continuing as something we keep alive and growing, just as the first Christians did.  It’s exciting to share about keeping Jesus in the middle, going to his Word, and to being a part of his church, while praying everything forward.  What a huge difference that kind of awesome Christianity can make in any life—child on forward.

This month marks our 6th year of camps for children and adolescents in middle Chile.  It will begin February 1 & 2 with a weekend retreat for teens, and then continue into the 3rd through the 5th with younger children.  Please pray for the retreat & camp, for each of the expected 26 children and teens, and for all of us who will be part of the camp team!   We’ve included photos of our last year camps, along with one of Amanda & Viky, who make up an important part of this year’s camp team (Renata is not pictured), with Paola, a young Columbian woman who has had extensive experience in Chile with Foundations such as our camp property project will form in its seeking of governmental, public. and private support for its mission.

Ñipas 2019 2  Licantén 2019 6  Amanda, Viky, & Paola

Another exciting February blessing will be the arrival on February 23rd of the EMI team of 13 architects, surveyors, different types of engineers, and an agricultural specialist, who will be linking with Chilean professionals and others in the area for the entire last week of the month on our new camp property in middle Chile.  Their job will be to walk the land, study it, and plan on how to accomplish the physical development of it according to God’s vision for it.  They then will send us their detailed drawings and conclusions within two to three months.  Needless to say, we are both very excited and very grateful!  Details and logistics for their arrival and stay are being worked on, along with the identification and joining in of the Chileans who will take things forward, including the procurement of cooperation of municipalities, businesses, and Chilean-based financial support.  Beatriz Canal, a Columbian architect and supervisor of large projects in Chile, will also be part of our camp development team.  Both Paola & Beatriz are Christians and are a huge answer to prayer, as they will bring in Chileans and others to the project as they help guide things forward themselves.  Thank you for your steady prayers for the land procurement this past year and for its ongoing development!  Included in our current needs was this week’s purchase, together with teammates Domingo & Sandra, of a 2017 Chevy double-cab diesel 4×4 pick-up.  It will be a great asset in transporting both people and supplies.  TYL!!

–Thank you for also praying for Julian’s & Devyn’s closure in Peru and return to the States.  All ended well and we look forward to having them with us in Chile for almost two weeks, beginning on February 3rd on their way to Houston, Texas, where they will live and work.

Lastly, please keep up your prayers for Chile, as we include the U. S. in ours.  While the country moves forward in positive ways, spotty and intentional disorder continue, with several metro stations still closed since October.  The expectations are for renewed city and country-wide protests and disorder, set to begin again in March with the re-opening of schools after summer vacation.

Praising, praying, and fasting with you in our TOTALLY DEVOTED TO RECEIVING US INTO REAL RELATIONSHIP SAVIOR & LORD,

Jack & Janine

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