July’s CHILE Gratitudes & Prayer Points

Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except THROUGH ME.”  –John 14:6

June was busy—traveling to the US for almost three months, medical appointments for Jack in Los Angeles and two children’s church camps in Illinois and South Carolina.  Jack is doing fine—considering his cmml.  He gets help at the VA hospital, and there are lots of tests to be done—he will be up to date in August and we hope and pray it will continue to be good news.  Now we are in North Carolina, getting ready physically and emotionally–haha!– for our third camp.  Our second week of camp ended on July 3rd in South Carolina for third & fourth graders, with 55 kids participating.  Many dedicated adults and teens from the church helped make it a fun, “growing” week for all and in finishing, 4 children were baptized with another 6 waiting to be baptized in their home churches. PTL!!  Roughly 10 children were from un-churched families.

The week before, we participated in a camp at Little Galilee in Clinton, IL.  Equally good, 110 fifth & sixth graders participated, with 22 of them being baptized and another 15 waiting to do so in their home churches.  PTL again!!  Roughly 25 children attending the camp were from un-churched families. In both camps, we told about Chile and taught two songs to the kids.  Of course, we brought Chilean candy to share along with other items.  The kids definitely know where Chile is now, as well as language and geographical details.  We helped all day in the first camp, and the second week we mainly observed and shared.  We learned a lot about camps for children.  One child, Connor, was autistic.   His mother brought him every day—initially he didn’t want to participate, but once he got comfortable, he was a charmer.  Janine even got a hug from him!

Please join us in giving thanks and praying for all of the above children as they return to their families.  We now move on to King, NC for their camp beginning Sunday, July 7th.  Please pray for all preparations for the upcoming camp and that God would be totally glorified through it.  We and Renata and are learning and growing ourselves through these experiences and she has done a fantastic job of connecting (in English 🙂 with the children on all levels, as that’s what it is all about.  TYL!!  Renata and her sister Viky will again be responsible for overseeing and coordinating our January 2020 summer camp in Chile.

The verse at the top of this prayer letter was a key verse used in both of our first two camps.  The message of Acts 4:12 is the same…. “There is salvation in NO ONE else, for there is NO other name below heaven given unto men by which we much be saved.”  Before we react against these verses, we should realize that the Bible states that there is only one God and that Jesus, God the son, not only was part of creating us but came to earth to live and then sacrifice himself for the sake of ALL people, that we might all be reconciled back to God and have eternal life with him.  He then rose from the dead, winning victory over death for us as well.  His life and love speak for everything that other religions try to imitate.  It’s critically important for all Christians to know what we believe about Jesus if we are to share our faith with others and if we are to teach our children.  We give thanks for the children and for God’s love through Jesus for them all.  Here are photos from the two camps:

Little Galilee6  Little Galilee4   Little Galilee5  Little Galilee7

Camp Edisto4  Camp Edisto3  Camp Edisto1  Camp Edisto5

We have been in communication with Cesar & Camila on the mission property in Chile, and all is well with those coming to our houses to stay.  Please pray for their good going forward this month.  Thank you, Lord, for them!

Last, but certainly not least, in the middle of celebrating the 4th of July, let us all pray for our country, giving thanks for our liberty and for our Christian heritage.

Praising, praying, and fasting to our One & ONLY WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE JESUS,  

In his love,

Jack & Janine

One thought on “July’s CHILE Gratitudes & Prayer Points

  1. Yes, PTL for the successful camps you’ve been in so far. And I just paused to pray for another good week while you are in King NC.. Thankful you left the Work in Chile in capable hands…it is certainly BIBLICAL TO TRAIN THE LOCAL FOLK TO CARRY ON IN YOUR ABSENCE. Grateful to the Lord that your health got attention in LA. Pray your progress continues!

    Love through Christ,

    Larry Allen
    Blue Ridge Christian Church

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