FEBRUARY 2019 Praises & Prayer Requests

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.  –John 14:12


Our two January summer camps for children just ended and we are giving God thanks and praise!  The above verse was used to highlight this year’s theme and teaching that God uses ALL of us, including children, who belong to him through Jesus to carry out his work.  There is no limit to what he can do through us because we who belong to him have ALL of God in us, including his power.  The children needed to know that this is a daily thing—not just a camp thing—all because God loves them and has chosen them and wants them to grow in him.  In reality, John 14:12 is an important verse for us all to own and practice!!

The above is quite a short summary, of course, of the camps.  They included teachings, small group times, games & fun, pajama parties, the outdoors, and lots of support and interaction with the young adults who carried out the activities.  The first camp in Ñipas ran 3 days, with 42 children participating with a team of 13 young adults (and me, Jack 😊).  This was our fourth year of “camp” in Ñipas.  The second camp in Licantén—2 ½ hours northwest of Ñipas—ran 2 days, with 32 children participating with a team of 16 of us.  Most of the Licantén children were not from the church, but were friends and relatives—another reason to praise God. This was our first year of doing the camp there, alongside of the church.  Please pray that all of the children from both towns would go forward with a real Jesus in their lives.

The two biggest blessings of the camps:

  • The teaching was God/Jesus centered, concentrating on his love, hope, and power through us. We used the Biblical examples of Esther, Joseph, Josias, and David, ending with Jesus himself.
  • All of the young adults were well-prepared for their teachings (they coordinated and ran all teachings and other activities). Even more important, they all were totally connected to their work and with each other, giving 100% of themselves in interacting with the kids and especially in reaching out to the ones who were harder to connect with.  Here below are four of the many photos we took.

         Licantén 2019 6

While in Licantén, we looked at two large, wooded properties in our search for a permanent home for the camps and retreat center, but neither one fit what we will need.  Specifically, we are searching for a tract of land consisting of between 30 and 50 acres—one with much wooded, hilly land with buildable more level areas included.  It would be a plus if a stream or river was a part, and if not, at least nearby and accessible.  It also needs to have reasonable access to both electricity and drinkable water. There is a great lack of Christian camp/retreat centers in the middle part of the country, near to some of Chile’s larger city populations.  Please keep praying for God’s provision of land.

We are planning on being in the States in June, July, and part of August to attend Christian children’s camps—hopefully along with our Chilean partners Domingo & Sandra and daughters for part of the time.  The objective is to learn from the dynamics, teachings, and methods used at those camps.  The camps and their development represent one of our main focuses in Chile.  What better time to come to Jesus than as a child??  The future retreat center promises to be a year-round center for people of all ages, families, marriages, and churches.  Janine and I are so blessed to be included on the front end of this significant ministry of the Lord!  Thank you again for your prayer support!


Janine’s mother’s funeral in Indiana in January went very well.  We are grateful that Janine was able to then go to Jayme’s & Malia’s house in Birmingham, AL to help with finishing major changes to their kitchen.  She is now in Los Angeles, where all four of our children and grandchildren will be able to gather for one week early this month.  With Julian & Devyn living in Peru for another year, this will be a special treat for them all.

Praising, praying, and fasting to the One, True, Complete God that lives in and through us,

Jack & Janine

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