FEBRUARY 2018 CHILE Praises & Prayer Requests

For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.

The above verse from Col. 1:16 is found in a group of verses that talk about the supremacy of Christ.  The verse was also the theme text of our recent two 3-day camps for children conducted in Ñipas—a very appropriate verse, as we used the terrain and woods of our partners Domingo & Sandra in development of a camp & retreat center in middle Chile.  The title of the camp was Jesús, El Creador!

The setting was perfect in the woods as we went through the six days of creation, man’s fall, and restoration through Jesus.  Lessons and discussions were tied to the lives of the children.  Choosing Jesus, they become points of light now, and one day will know again the same perfect harmony with a good, loving God that Adam & Eve experienced in the Garden.  We used puppets to portray Adam & Eve, the snake, and Cain & Abel.  We also were awed at night with clear view and presentation of the stars.  We had an attendance of 16, with 7 sleeping in tents in Camp 1 and a second week attendance of other children of 19, with 11 sleeping in tents.  THANK YOU, LORD!  Here below are some photos taken during the camps.  Please keep praying for these children.  While they all live in the countryside, none had been through teachings about things created or knew that Jesus was in the middle of it all.


As you know, this Praises & Prayer Requests letter that you are reading is a type of blog found in our http://www.chilemission.org website.  In the category “Ministry Opportunities outside of Santiago” we have posted more photos taken during this year’s camps held January 24-27 and 29-31.  Please take a look at them and also feel free to look inside of any other categories that interest you.  The information is up-to-date, with photos to go with much of it.

MEANWHILE, two more families arrived to spend some nights in the Santiago mission property—both here with their children to be hospitalized in area children’s hospitals.  Their arrival represents a step forward in helping the new ministry to such needs grow and become known.  Thank you for giving thanks with us and for praying this ministry forward.  While we won’t normally be posting photos of the families, we did this time again.


Julian & Devyn continue to adjust and get their feet on the ground in Peru.  They now have just two more we   eks of language learning (Julian-Quechua and Devyn-Spanish) before relocating to their apartment near the hospital where Julian will be working these next two years.  God continues to bless them with good new friends—Peruvian, German, & North American. Thanks for your prayers for them.

Pray also for Janine as she and Raquel continue to organize the ministry site.

Praising, praying, and fasting in our Creator, Sacrificed, Rescuing, Reconciling, & Restoring Jesus,

 Jack & Janine

2 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 2018 CHILE Praises & Prayer Requests

  1. So glad your camp went on with all your good plans. The pictures of camp area look good. It’s hard to realize that there are people who don’t know about Christ in our fast paced world with all the electronics and communications. Thank God for you and your team.

  2. Praise God for the Mission Property. What a wonderful opportunity to serve the least of these. In the USA we have Ronald McDonald House , In Chile we now have Your Mission Property. Love Esther

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