DECEMBER 2016 Christmas Praises & Prayers


For the wages of sin is death, but The GIFT OF GOD  is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

– -Rom. 6: 23

Jesus WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST GIFT OF ALL to everyone the world-wide.  What a privilege to extend him and “present” him to those we know as the perfect transition from “Black Friday” sales to a “White Christmas” GIFT OF GOD.

Speaking of significant real gifts, we are very grateful for your prayers for us and for God’s outreaches and ministries through us in Chile.  They have not only sustained and made our work more effective, but have in many ways sustained our family throughout the years.  Please know that as we send you the link each month to our Praise & Prayer letters, we pray for and give thanks for you—that in addition to specific circumstances we are aware of among you.

The gift of Christ Jesus is the reason for our serving him in Chile.  We can’t help but recognize God’s hand in each step forward and in all situations.  For example, at age sixteen Millarai physically died from bone cancer in July, but over a year before that she made a decision to be baptized and accept Christ Jesus as her personal Savior and Lord.  She now will live the eternal blessing in God’s very presence.

  • A governing board is now in place to direct the work of our Christian Family Residence in Santiago for young abandoned children, even as we look for more Christians with a “children vision” to be on it. Thank you for continuing to pray for those board additions and for our search for the right Chilean Christian woman director of this very important ministry.
  • A governing board is also being put in place to oversee the development and going forward of the new Christian center/children’s camp “Luz en el Campo” (Light in the Countryside). If the vision is to grow and connect to that part of Chile, we will need more like-minded board members from the region and from elsewhere to be a part. Thank you for praying for them, for our need for more land in that area to effectively accommodate a good children’s camp and retreat center, and for necessary legal steps completed this next year to allow us to actually begin constructing the center and camp.
  • The team of missionary workers involved with us in God’s work has grown to include Ross & Raquel, our first set of house parents already living on the Residence mission property and now awaiting the arrival of small children to live with them once a director of the work is chosen. Todd is now working with us as well. He is an exceptional young man and we are grateful to have him with us.  Both Todd and Ross & Raquel are also involved with the summer VBS’s we are now a part of in the area of the Christian center/children’s camp.  There is an ongoing need for more Chile Mission workers—not to replace Chileans, but to augment, encourage, and equip them.  Thank you for continuing to pray for our growing team.
  • English Club, a valuable part of outreach and relationship-building, is now back in action, thanks to Todd’s involvement. The Club will be discontinued over the upcoming summers months (Christmas week through to the beginning of March), but we look to stay in relationship with current participants over those months. Thanks for praying for English Club “open doors” to walk through.
  • The “Casa del Alfarero” live-in drug & alcohol rehab center continues to make a huge difference in the lives of the men being freed from those addictions, along with restoring their families and their lives. The vast majority of these men and other family members come to know Jesus and make decisions to be baptized, accepting him as their Savior and Lord. Thanks for praying for them and for our involvement in this important work.
  • Lastly, here are some photos from this year’s ICOM, recently held in Lexington, KY. The family shown, Josh & Misty and their girls from Louisiana also came to this year’s ICOM. Josh & Misty came to Chile in January 2013 to visit and help for a short time. What a wonderful surprise to see them again!

main-session-2     p1020542a     josh-misty-and-girls

Praising, praying, and fasting in a Birthed & Best Gift of All CHRISTMAS JESUS,

Jack & Janine

One thought on “DECEMBER 2016 Christmas Praises & Prayers

  1. So great you found a couple to help with the mission. I pray for courage & determination to stay & do God’s work. Many blessings to you & those who help with big endeavor.

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