Jesús es El Camino Christian Church

La Iglesia Cristiana Jesús es El Camino was started by three families, including us, in February 2005 on the Chile Mission ministry site in La Cisterna.  The church now meets in the homes of its members.  Mike Boyce and Oscar Vera are the church’s current elders/pastors, and as such, guide the church, teach, and preach.  The church is committed to knowing and following Jesus, and teaches One, True God eternally existing as three persons: Father, his Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  The church is Jesus’ physical body in the world and He is its one and only Head with his Word, and the Bible its written guide and truth.  The church teaches and practices biblical baptism by immersion.

P1020505   One of the Sunday “house” services.

Janine & I are no longer members of Jesus es El Camino.  We instead are now visiting a variety of churches on Sundays in an effort to raise awareness of how they might at some point be open to connecting to our and others’ Christian outreaches and ministries, or be open to receiving children needing foster homes and/or children legally adoptable.